Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Near Future

There is always speculation about the future, and what is going to happen. This comes a great deal in the western world I think because of the original Christian perspective and the Biblical book of Revelations, Daniel, and a few other prophets. In today's world however, we have a more secular viewpoint, and such prophecies are looked upon as a curiosity without any meaning. There is also a look askance at the prophecies of various ancient cultures with the thought that they were simply savages and did not know much about the real world.

To make things worse, there have been nut case prophecies throughout the ages based on inadequate and even bizarre interpretations of Biblical texts or other reasons that make all prophetic material very suspect. How can you tell the future anyway?

Well, apparently there is some case for it, not with absolute certainty, but there does seem to be some agreement in sacred texts from many different traditions that all say pretty much the same thing, even though the cultures were scattered over various parts of the earth and presumably had no contact with each other.

A big problem though, is correctly interpreting these texts. There has been much attention paid to the Mayan Calendar by people who interpret it to mean the end of the world. Therefore, it gets put into the nutcase variety of belief system by many and is not taken seriously by the population as a whole. It is apparently not the case though, that this is what they meant. It also is highly unlikely that any sacred texts around the world were speaking of the end of the world. It is apparent though, that the texts speak of an end of an age. December 2012 is apparently not a time for the end of the world but the end of the piscean age. As such the old way has to be eliminated. We can see that this is starting to happen now as the old financial system is unraveling, as nations are being engulfed in war and internal strife. Whenever we enter a new age the old gods must be discarded or they will be forcefully removed. When we entered the age of Pisces the gods of the old age, including the animal sacrifices, especially of sheep had to end. When the leaders refused to let go, the nation of Israel for example, was scattered throughout the world. The more we hang on the more things are forced on us so that we worship the new gods and reject the old. This is universal law and cannot be changed.

We are about at that time now. Those who refuse to let go of the old ways will be discarded, one way or another. It is not the result of an angry God punishing mankind but universal law and will always be so. Established religions,especially the protestant version of Christianity, often thinks of natural disasters as punishment from an angry God on an evil humanity. This is a superficial view. God does not get angry, he does not decide to punish mankind. In traditional Christianity it is thought that God makes the laws. This is not so. The laws by there very nature are God, and God is by very nature law, and there is no distinction between the two. God does not make the laws and the laws do not make God. They simply are the same thing. For this reason universal law is always operating, and it operates through karma. There is no wrath in karma, simply the grinding out of universal law. As hexagram fifty six says, "Prisons ought to be places where people are lodged only temporarily." In other words, karma operates until it is over. We need fear no angry God,we simply need to come to understand universal law. Therefore, when natural disasters occur, they are not punishment, but the natural effect of universal law, and when it is over it is over.

This brings me to a side note I think is important. A lot of people who do not believe in God will say things like, "If God exists, why does he allow evil? This God who supposedly can do anything couldn't stop the terrorists from blowing up our buildings, or millions of people dying in wars, etc. Let's be clear about this. There is no God out there. There is only God, everywhere, including you. God does not come down from heaven with an army with AK-47s, tanks and missles and tell people they cannot do something. It is said God can do anything. Not true, God cannot do anything. He can only act through the energy of his own being, and therefore, in a sense is responsible for the good and the evil. He does not stop anything from happening. He does not use force to rule. He simply is universal law and what goes around will come around eventually. When people really grasp this, when they understand it perfectly, there will be no further crime. I do believe that time is coming, as the new age will be a uniquely wonderful time for all of humanity.

Of course, there will be difficulties and disasters before that time comes, and while I don't believe anyone can predict everything, I think there have been some fairly accurate people over the last few years, and in contradistinction to past predictions that did not come true, the people doing the predicting are not basing it on soley ancient texts, but on science itself. Many of these people are very qualified scientists. But to make a long story short, just a note to say, here are some predictions from Dr. Turi, (you can google him), who uses "dragons head astrology" for most of his predictions. I do not deny nor affirm these, I have simply found him to be fairly accurate in the past. He is predictive some death and destruction on or near the following dates, one being tomorrow, Sept 2nd, the others the 18th, and the 26th. He is predicting hurricanes and or earthquakes on Sept 9, and Sept 24. (Today the news came out that Tropical Storm Katia has become a hurricane and is heading across the Atlantic, and could likely be on the East coast by Sept 9th. There is also a tropical wave trying to form into a storm in the Carribean. Dr. Turi also claims Sept 24th as another date. He is also predicting serious trouble in the Middle East on the 12th, and the 26th. We will see what happens.

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