Saturday, September 24, 2011

Correction, and New Info

I made a mistake in my math in one place yesterday. I feel very foolish. I checked it maybe three times, but it seems if I don't set something a side for a short time, I make the same mistake each time I check. Begotten Son does not come up to 132. It comes up to 136. However, his only son comes up to 150 which is the gematric equivalent of 151.

Now, that being said, this subject is too vast and too deep to give it any kind of substance. Just a few things in passing and we can move on. If any one has the original version of "City of Revelation" by John Michell, (it has long been out of print) they will see how we used phrases in the original Greek in the verses in Revelations 12:18, ("Here is wisdom, Let him who hath understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. and his number is Six hundred, three score and six.") that in the Greek Gematria, the number of the beast is the equivalent for the number of Jesus Christ. It works differently in English, but you can get a slightly variant version of this same message in the English, But we can see it even more in Revelations 17:5. So to make a long story short, and save time, lets just look at the variant meaning of the verse by the rules of Gematria. There are many translations possible, all giving a very similar message, But here is the translation I wish to convey today in the interest of time.

"The number of his name Jesus(or his son), the mother of Jesus's, an image of the best, of the devil."

Now, one might say, how does this make sense? Well, the book of Revelations was written on one level, and only one, it has many meanings, as an attack on what became the official Christian Church, the Catholic and all the protestants. Mother of harlots refers to the mother church, the Catholic, and the harlots are the protestant churches that come out of her. Now, that is not to totally impune the present Christian churches, but the message is that the truth truly is a "mystery Temple;" that it is not for the common person to know the truth, the common folk cannot understand it, it is unfathomable to them. The exoteric version of Christianity is like a "beast? that consumes itself in anger toward everything that would disagree with it. The history of the church is one of torture and horrendous acts of cruelty against any and all that would threaten it. This actually has some truth regarding all religions. The exoteric version of religion creates a fanaticism that is undiminished in its hotility toward all that is opposed to it. The esoteric does not have this quality, but includes a universal understanding of the meaning of all as brother. Doctrine does not matter, only love matters. But most people must pass through the exoteric in order to get to the esoteric. Just don't get stuck there. We will talk more about this on occasion.

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