Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Short Note on "The Matrix"

In reference to the popular movie: I watched the first one of the series last Friday, and I was struck by a couple of things I might discuss right now very shortly. First of all, we should not take many of the screenwriters of Hollywood lightly. This people often get their story lines from something that is going on behind the scenes that we know nothing about. Or at least most of us don't. It is questionable whether these people get the ideas for their movies based on their own inside knowledge as being part of the "elite" or whether they have information about the "elite" that we do not have. Some have suggested that the elite have this notion that they should always tell their "victims" what they plan to do in story form, or some secretive way, making the "victims" responsible for their own demise because they did not listen. I think in some cases this is true. Another film coming out of Hollywood I have heard about is about some mysterious disease that wipes out much of humanity. In actuality, this is planned by some of the elite in order to reduce the population of the earth. So the question remains, "Where do the Hollywood writers and producers get their story lines? Will we ever know? Before I sound too conspiratorial, let it be said that there are those elite also who are on mankind's side, and are trying to help us as much as they can, and they may be writing these stories as well in order to help mankind in the dangers they are facing in the near future.

All of that being said, back to the Matrix. If you have seen the movie, perhaps you remember the part where Morpheus is captured, and being raked over the coals for being human, so to speak. The evil personality, Mr. Smith tells Morpheus that mankind is an evil "taker" who destroys what ever there is to consume, and moves on to greener pastures where all other mammals tend to strike a balance with their environment. He says something to the effect that humanity is a "cancer" that needs to be eradicated. He considers them useless, spineless, and a rash upon the face of the earth. His intention is to do his part in wiping humanity out. This is not unlike the thinking of the elite who wish to decimate the earth's population through whatever means necessary. Some even go farther and wish to wipe out all mankind, except themselves of course, and a few totally crazy ones wish to wipe out "ALL" of humanity, including themselves. This is well documented in their own written statements. (No, I can't produce them, but they do exist.)

Now, here is another reason the elite wish to wipe out humanity now. The elite have always existed as the extreme upper class of society, and have always used the lower class as peon's and peasants, paying them with little more than the opportunity to exist. They cannot stand a middle class, and they cannot stand a super knowledgeable, highly educated society. For this reason they lie to us continually in our educational system, and they are doing everything right now to destroy the middle class. The world's economies are presently in serious danger of collapsing. But here is the biggest reason it is happening now, and it is discussed in the movie Matrix. What Mr. Smith is concerned about is a coming time when there will be "a world without boundaries or rules: a world where anything is possible." He does not want this. His existence, and the very existence of the elite on this planet is to make sure that there is order (which comes out of the chaos they themselves create) and there are boundaries, and mankind knows nothing of the technology which could truly set him free so that nothing at all is impossible. Mr. Smith cannot tolerate a world without boundaries. Mankind must be held in check. This is exactly what is happening on earth right now, and the writers and producers of this show and several others are telling us in a way that for most people only the subconscious picks up on, but most people do not want to think, they only want to be entertained, and see nothing serious in this movie. Yet we know the truth, and as such will eventually take the world to another level where "anything is possible," and they cannot stop it, thought they can create a lot of destruction in the meantime. World without end. The new age is upon us, if we will only respond, and allow it to overtake us.

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