Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Alchemy and Other Things

Well, President Obama is going to give a speech on Thursday about his new plan for the economy, and he has already given a hint about it. Of course his hint had nothing to do with his actual plan but his request that congress stop stalling. This is a very serious matter and can lead to a lot of speculation as to what is going on. I am more curious about this than anything in the past since I know the signs of the times, and we are seeing unusual things happen. Political leaders, and I think Obama included, have called the tea party part of congress economic terrorists, and his speech may, and I am only saying may, be a preclude to the installment of martial law which is going to happen within the next couple of years. This is almost guaranteed. Even presidential candidate Ron Paul recently said this is the plan, that they are getting us ready for this. For those of you out there who don't believe this, when you see it happen, it may be a wake up call and will make you realize then that there is a bigger story on this planet. Enough said for now. We will see what his speech entails.

A new book is coming out that supposedly debunks all the conspiracy theories about the destruction of the twin towers. I look forward to it happening. It is time someone debated this instead of just laughing at the people who question the official story. Years ago there was a debunking of sorts in the "Popular Mechanics" magazine, the debunking was superficial, it had a lot of incorrect data in it, and the author is by all appearances a disinformation specialist. I suspect the same thing of this author, but we will see. I will try to read the book.

For those who like books, there is one on alchemy, and the means of creating long life, available on a website called, sacredmysteries.com. The book is free. Go to the site and click on "The golden age has begun" to download the book for free. I think people will find it quite interesting.

The earth is heating up; I am not talking about heat wise as in global warming, although there is an aspect of that too, but activity is getting very serious. Earthquakes are, while not in the news, happening all over the globe. Volcanoes are set to go off everywhere. This can no longer be denied, but you will see very little of it in the daily news. We are about to implode. I am not talking end of the world, but I am talking about a desperate attempt by the global elite to elicit final and full control over all humanity. They will not hesitate to kill billions in order to achieve their goals. This will happen soon because they know we soon will have the technology, thanks to books like mentioned above, to live very long lives. We are going to advance immensely soon in technology as well, and if they do not act now, they will not be able to control us any longer.

There is a new movie out about the Apollo eighteen mission. For the public, there was no such mission, but secretly there was. I look forward to seeing the movie, as soon as possible. The story line is about something very strange on the dark side of the moon. I have known about this for years, and do not see it as fiction. Those who care to see the movie can make up their own minds, is it fiction or not. I suggest it is not!

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