Friday, September 23, 2011

Gematria and Mystery Bablyon

There have been a few books out lately about Biblical codes and electronic space sequencing to find revelations in Biblical writings which have caused controversy. Many people just do not believe they are there because it boggles their mind. Many people do not believe many things simply because it boggles their mind and that is not a valid reason for not believing something. When we see evidence of something that shakes our world view it is wise to question our world view, not just throw the evidence away. And many, many people are guilty of this very thing. It can be very scary to see our world view shaken.

But we must allow our world view to be shaken; we all, all of us have a limited world view. We see life through rose colored glasses, and this is true because we underestimate the reality of "Spirit" in our world. The ancient Jewish Scribes knew centuries ago of many types of codes in their sacred literature. The Kabbalists even today write of many such codes, although the deeper ones are kept secret. The thing that really blows me away, is that we can find at least some codes even today in the English language Biblical text as long as we use the King James version. For example, letters can be changed to corresponding numbers and words with the same number correspondent can be substituted for each other. There are two variations in this in English, each of which can serve a purpose. Today, I will only be utilizing one of them. The first is that each letter in the alphabet corresponds to a number with a equaling one, b equaling two and so on up to z which would equal twenty six. The second version would consist of a equaling one, j equaling 10 and k equaling twenty, then s equaling 100 t equaling 200 up to z equaling 800. I will concern myself only with the former here.

There is not time to give detailed explanations. You can do the math for yourself if you wish to see if I am correct, and I am certainly capable of making addition mistakes while I hastily do this to try to prepare, but the overall system is correct. And since time does not allow, I will simply use a very famous quotation in the book of Revelations to show how this works. That verse is found in Revelations chapter seventeen, (seventeen and multiples of seventeen) is a number that comes up consistently in Revelations. The exact verse is five. Revelations 17:5. the words are capitalized in the king James version, showing that it is extremely significant in its implications. And I quote: "And upon her forehead was a name written. "MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH." You can do the math yourself or just believe me that the numbers are correct. In transferring letters to numbers we have the following, starting with the capitalized letters only. 125+71+33+51+33+79+21+93+19+132+21+33+52.

No, we will break these down into phrases,starting with "Mystery Babylon." Mystery equals 125 and Babylon equals 71. 125 is 5 to the third power. (squares and above are extremely significant numbers in the code, but we won't concern ourselves too much with that right now.) 125+71 equals 196 which is fourteen squared, or seven squared times two squared. Now, it just so happens that 71 is also the number for temple. So in gematria codes we could substitute, then we have mystery temple. Next appears the words the Great. The great together equals 84, By the rules of gematira we can change one digit by one, (on rare occasions two) so we can change it to seventy four which is the equivalent of Jesus. The equivalent of harlot is 74, and the number for Jesus is also seventy four. So now we have mystery temple Jesus, mother of Jesus's. Next we have and abominations the combined words and abominations comes out to 151 which is the numerical equivalent of Jesus Christ. So now we have, "Mystery temple Jesus, mother of Jesus's Jesus Christ. Finally we have "of the earth." Of the earth is the numerical equivalent of "of the Devil." So we have "Mystery temple Jesus, mother of Jesus's Jesus Christ of the Devil. But there is another way we can read it too. Begotten Son equals 132 which is the numerical equivalent of abominations. So we could read it as "Mystery temple Jesus, mother of Jesus's and begotten son of the devil." But 74 is also the number for energy. So we could read this as "Mystery temple energy, Mother of energy and begotten son of the devil." This could go on, but it is meaningless unless we find a way to apply it. That will have to come later. This post is getting too long.

More later.

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