Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In the beginning

"In the beginning living aware energy split into two equal and complementary but opposite poles and the heaven above and the earth beneath came into existence."

My version of Genesis chapter one verse one. (See the first two chapters of the "Tao Teh Ching."

The heaven here is defined as the dimension of higher physics, earth is the material plane. The material plane is naught but the inverse image of the higher dimensional field which is called heaven. The "Kingdom of heaven" as described by Jesus is a quantum mechanical physics state which is higher than the physical. It is in this quantum field, this state, this dimension, this plane, that all material substances are created. However, one must remember that the physical dimension is in all aspects only an illusion. It is a real illusion though, created by the interaction of waves of energy, that in their interaction create the illusion of matter. Therefore, when one enters the "kingdom of heaven," it does not mean one goes to heaven, but that one can operate in a higher dimension, and create a reality that is to his/her liking. This is the real meaning of magic. It is not sorcery as we think of it, but only the manipulation of matter by the powers of the mind to create the world we want. We think of the world as outside of us. We are constantly in fear and in awe of it because as long as we see it as outside of us, and separate from us, it becomes a danger to be controlled before it bites us. The superior man does not see any longer in the world the tumult and the turmoil that he once saw, (see the commentary on the image of hexagram 52) because he realizes that the outside world is a mirror image of his inside world, and to change the outside world, one sees clearly that one must change the inside world, and this he can do, by following universal law.

One can get a really interesting perspective on the nature of the physical world by studying "hyperdimensional physics," as related by Richard C. Hoagland and others. One website worth browsing is

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