Thursday, February 01, 2007

Weird Weather

I have heard about weird weather around the country, and a superstorm formed in Europe this winter. I have seen a gradual change in the weather over my approximately 60 years of life, but now, it is hitting a climax. This has been the most bizzrre winter in Florida. Of course, we do not get the super cold weather and snowstorms the rest of the country gets, we get the hurricanes in late summer. However, after an unusually quiet summer in terms of hurricane weather, we are having a winter that exhibits constantly changing weather. They are not big changes, grant you, but changes nevertheless. Most of life, in most areas I have been in, the winters, while maybe cold and stormy, tend to have a somewhat peaceful feel to them. The wind does blow, but usually not excessively. It is quiet. Not this year. From a quiet summer, that is normally not quiet here, we suddenly head into winter, with no fall whatsoever, straight from hot to winter weather, but the wind, the wind, while not super powerful, is nevertheless, quite strong. It comes and goes, but comes more than goes, and lasts a long time. Now, lately, we have had the variation of a day or two where there is not a cloud in the sky, and it is bright and cheery, even if a little windy, to days where strong cloud formations are blowing fast across the sky, often very cloudy, yet with strong variations in colorings, and many openings into blue sky. Nothing unusual when it happens for a day or two, but odd things have gone on all winter long. And today we are having some fairly strong winds. Another odd thing is sometimes on the ground you don't feel a lot of wind, but a little ways up, tree branches are swaying, flags are shaking as if in a strong wind storm... Well, okay, what I am saying may not be very convincing, but to me it is, and it seems... Big changes in this country coming in government, and the loss of rights and freedoms of the governed, big changes in nature as well, to correspond to the attitudes and feelings of men and women on this planet. Something is brewingl. Of that there can now be no doubt.

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