Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hexagram 57, in part

Just a note about hexagram 57, as following on the discussion of hexagram 50 line 3. In 50 line three we left off with the rain falling and remorse is spent. In hexagram 57 we see this in just a bit of a different way. Hexagram 57 tells us how to reach into the dark corners of the mind and uncover those hidden complexes within the subconscious mind. Within each of us there are elements of belief that have been impressed upon us in this life or in a previous, that may be emotionally tied to fears or anger, or they may be beliefs that are different than other belief systems found in the unconscious mind. As the belief system kicks in we find ourselves now doing this, now doing that, as the case may be. It is not until two belief systems are forced to confront one another that one will triumph over the other, and we will be free of the less fruitful belief system. Hexagram 57 tells us to reach into the deepest corners of our minds and ferret out the fears and rages that ravage us inside without our conscious awareness. Without bringing into conscious awareness all of our contradictions, and all of our fears and rages, we cannot become an integrated person. On the spiritual path we find these fears and conflicts by paying attention to what happens to us in the so called, "outer world." For our fears will be reflected in our outer life. What we fear we attract. What we secretly desire we attract, and if we have conflicting desires in our subconscious, we will attract first this, then that. A point has to be made here, and it will be brought up later with greater force, but it is essential to understand, everything that comes from without of us, is a reflection, a mirror image of that which we are within. If you don't like your outer circumstances, your inner world is creating that reflection. So, in the I Ching it is said, "Thus the superior man goes within." Often we can see the superior man doing in effect this when, "He approaches his temple." It is also said, "He carefully examines himself."

In the Christian tradition we have what is called "The dark night of the soul." When we search within and find only darkness. All seems lost and foreboding, yet one keeps one's faith. Our seeking and our attempts to go within seem in vain, nothing seems to be happening, yet there is nothing to be done except in continued perseverance to seek out the source of the problem within. It is only when we can "penetrate under the bed," (the bed being a symbol for our belief systems, that which we rest our faith and actions upon; the source of our tendencies and characterstics) that we bring light to bear on the undesirable events in our outer world, why the happen, and what it is within us that is causing these events. (Remember that it is all an illusion, created by the mind.)

More later


Michelle Wood said...

Hi Gene,

It's interesting, I think, that the beliefs we often hold onto most tightly are the ones we most need to let go.

gener202 said...

geneHi Michelle

You are absolutely right. I hope to talk about this more later.


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