Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hexagram 50 line 3 Part 4

And the final note in hexagram 50 line three states, "Once rain falls, remorse is spent. Good fortune comes in the end." There is consistently in the I Ching a note of good fortune for those who polish their character. It is, as hexagram forty five line two says, "There are secret forces at work, bringing together those who belong together." The specific meaning here is people, but a more general meaning is, "bringing to those who deserve it, the fate they rightly attract." In other words, since all is one, and that one has awareness, everything in the universe that has a similar vibration will be brought together to be with the person carrying that kind of vibration, and, "if a man will only see to it, that he is possessed of something truly spiritual...." He draws to him the kind of fate or fortune that is consistent with the character that he possesses. The dark side works throught subtlety and deception, This gives it tremendous power, but it too inevitably, by universal law, brings with it its own negativity, and as hexagram 23 says, when evil totally consumes the good, it begins to feed on itself, and brings about its own downfall. By plotting the downfall of others, we attract a karma, or a fate of downfall to ourselves. But if we work toward the good, then eventually, the rain falls, and there is rest.

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