Monday, March 05, 2007

A hidden mystery

In the East it is reported that the old Chi Kung, or Tai Chi masters, or Kung Fu masters, were really looking for a way to mortality. However, the few that found it, were very careful about who was the recipient of their secrets. In the West, it is somewhat the same way, although the methodologies to gain the "fountain of youth" in the west have been all but lost. In the East the masters closely guarded their secrets. In the west, this too, in a way is true, albeit in a different way.

Alah, the story of Jesus. Much has been in the news lately about the finding of the burial ground of Jesus, the story has been developed by Mr. Cameron, the Cameron that created the latest story about the Titanic. This creates a furor in Christian circles because western Christianity is founded on the believe that Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and rose again the third day. Paul says, "if Christ be not raised from the dead, then our faith is in vain." As William Henry says, a deep researcher into the hidden meanings of the gospels, "the beliefs of the average Christian are so superficial..." And that, I must declare, is true. For the true esoteric Christian, or gnostic Christian believer, it makes little if any difference whether Jesus actually rose from the dead or not. The important part of the story is the allegorical.

A hidden mystery abounds. In this world, we have a cache of men, and I suppose women, who are deadly serious about enslaving mankind. They have wanted this through the ages, and have not ceased in their efforts to enslave mankind. Since there are much more of the average good person around, they must use deceit excessively to reach their goals. There is also a small group of people on this planet who wish for the upliftment of mankind. These work for the most part in the dark also. Not because they are of the dark, but because they realize mankind as a whole is not ready for the deeper teachings. So while the enslavers purposely perpetrate religious systems that are for a large extent false, the liberators allow it and even to a certain extent encourage it so that those who are not ready will not receive the deeper teachings.

As such the darker side of the Roman Catholic Church, in their attempt to use the Church to unify Rome, enforced an incorrect and superficial doctrine of literality to be followed by the laity. But the deeper teachings of Jesus have not been totally confused. In the gospels, where it talks about Mary coming to see the empty tomb, she sees Jesus. At first she doesn't recognize him, but she recognizes his voice. (My sheep hear my voice.) The Jesus says, do not touch me, for I have not yet risen to my father. The vast majority of Christiandom has not a single clue as to why that pasage has survived in there. The Roman Church didn't bother deleting it from the "Holy" scriptures, because they too, knew no one would have a clue as to why it was there. But a few do understand the greater impact of the verse. The verse, as most verses are, is an allegory regarding the building of a light body, a body that is incorruptible: Not something we get in some far off heaven, but something we get here and now when we do the work. This is the deeper meaning, and/or the deeper aspect of the second birth. The birth of the spiritual body. In developing his light body, Jesus needed for a time the opportunity to allow the full body of light to develop without being touched, for the touching of real flesh would indeed stop the process.

The Roman Catholic Church teaches the literal, if anything, to the masses, but they themselves admit there is a deeper doctrine. Well, did Jesus say of the Pharisees, as well as those who would come later in sheep's clothing, "You do not enter the kingdom of heaven yourselves, and you do not allow anyone else to do so either." They demanded strict adherence to the literalness of the law, though they did not obey it themselves, and they refused to follow and teach others the following of the deeper allegorical meanings. The churches for the most part today are guilty of the same thing.

I am not saying there is no value in the literal understanding. but there is something much deeper, and that in early Christianity required the "second initiation." As the book of Hebrews would say, "For the time that you ought to become teachers... and have become as such that need milk, and not of strong meat." The milk is the literal interpretation, the meat is the deeper, allegorical meaning. The story of Jesus is an allegory of the birth of the Christ Child within, the light body, that is, the immortal spirit, called the immortal fetus in China, the death of Jesus is an allegory of the death of the ego, the resurrection is an allegory of the newness of life in the light body. Is the light body tough to create? You bet it is, and for most of us it is no longer an option, but the point I make here is that we need to look deeper, to understand the spiritual meaning of the verses in all the sacred scriptures; to come to a deeper understanding of the nature of love, of reality, of the spiritual laws, of the meaning of prayer and meditation, and how it can benefit us. So that one day we too, even if we can't in this present life, may reach nirvana, or in western terms, the kingdom of heaven.

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Michelle said...

Hi Gene,

Excellent post, as always. Not having been exposed to biblical teachings, (at least not at an old enough age where it might have been understandable), I'm finding these posts very enlightening. Thanks!