Friday, February 09, 2007

Too much time listening

I have been spending way too much time listening to This is a pay for service, but cheap, and I highly recommend it, whether you agree with the material or not. I haven't found enough time to post here. It is hard to listen and type at the same time. I really enjoy George Noory's show. I enjoy Art Bell when he is on too, but I tell you, I perceive Art as being very hard headed, and not realistic in his interpretation of things. There is a lack of wisdom and good judgment on his part in my opinion. Nevertheless, the material you get here cannot be found anywhere else. I will soon get into greater study of the I Ching, for those who follow this post and enjoy the I Ching, and have a deeper understanding of spiritual realities, for unless you have a deeper spiritual understanding, this site will not appeal to you.

I am looking for people who are extremely concerned about the national ID card that comes up in May of 2008. I am looking for people like myself who will not accept it, no matter what the consequences are. A group, perhaps, who wants to try to make it if necessary, even in the wilderness, where it would not likely be possible to survive by oneself. If anyone knows about groups like this...

Whether you believe in a literal interpretations of the book of Revelations or not, there is, on some level, a very on the line actualization of the events recorded in the book. I don't think I will go into this very deeply right now, maybe soon a discussion on it, for to understand this book, one cannot help but be astonished at the way these prophecies and scenarios are playing out right now. And I am not a Bible thumping, Bible believer, but there is something going on now, that fits the prophecy.

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