Friday, January 06, 2012

Hopes for the future

Even though we are living in very precarious times, and things are very much in the air, and I have been delayed a few times, I still plan to have a new computer within at least two months, and then set up a full webpage at the time. It will include "readings" options, a link to the blogspot, an interactivity board, and several other features.

Things are precarious though because of planned legislation by the federal government for an "internet kill switch" which will effectively ban free speech. How soon that will happen though I don't know because the more the government shows its hand, the more people wake up and say, "hey, something is wrong here." That is the one and only thing they fear, and that is why they are pushing hard to complete their plans by the end of 2012. Many of their plans have been slowed down or delayed because people find out about them and put up a fight. Senate Bill 1867 has passed though, which effectively ends all rights of all citizens. No more will you be allowed a lawyer if the highest levels of government suspects you of something. This will not happen right away because the more it happens, the more people wake up. But when they are ready, they will act.

Nevertheless, the I Ching as a subject is probably not too threatening to those committed to tyranny. Therefore I will go ahead with plans.

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