Saturday, January 28, 2012

About the Future

I am embarking on a mission to find out the truth about the new changes that are coming to google on March 1st. The situation is serious, very serious. I have heard rumors that it marks the end of free speech on the internet. I heard that it comes on March 1st. Then today I got info from google speaking of a change in terms and contracts starting March 1st. I am reading this to find out what I can about it. I have heard that after March 1st, and information that does not agree with official governmental policy, or what they want us to believe, will be removed from the internet. The situation is very serious here in the United States, and indeed, in the netire world. For if freedom dies here it dies everywhere. It is questionable whether I can continue to post after March 1st.

People argued with me when I said freedom was dying. They laughed when I mentioned the danger. Well, here it is. I saw an article in the Albuquerque newspaper the other day written by someone who is either a complete idiot or is posting on behalf of the global elite. He was discussing how dangerous it is to argue against scientific data. In essence he was saying it is dangerous not to believe whatever science tells us. The trouble is scientific research cannot be published unless it agrees with the official policy. The article went on to say it was dangerous to not believe humans are causing global warming, in spite of the fact that many serious scientists say that is only a small part of it. He also said it is dangerous not to believe in the Darwinian form of evolution, although many scientists have concluded Darwinian evolution cannot be possible. We are to believe whatever they say is true. We are not to believe or even know about any discussion of other possibilites. Two hundred years ago science knew nothing about quantum physics. Does that mean that it didn't exist until they found out about it? Of course not. Our science is still in its infancy, and to quell discussion is the real danger, but that is exactly what they want. They want us to believe the official story without question, even if it is a lie, if they say it, it is to be believed. People refused to see what was happening, and now we pay the price, worldwide totalitarian government, believing only what we are told to believe, and absolutely no freedom whatsoever. The light is going out.

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