Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Genetically Modified Crops

Monsanto is a major food distributor and producer throughout the world. They are very instrumental in distributing genetically modified foods, and intend to keep on doing so. There have been tests done in China which show genetically modified foods to be dangerous to health over a long period of time. Monsanto refuses to do any testing of its own however, saying that it is a waste of time because all food has DNA in it and it doesn't matter if they put foreign DNA in the crops.

Let's be clear about this. It is the DNA that makes the crop what it is. It is the DNA of the crop that makes it useful for fruit or other medicinal purposes. When you change the DNA of the crop you change what the crop is meant to do in the body.

It doesn't matter whether you believe in evolution or creationism, or something in between. We are a product of the earth. If you believe in evolution you know that we are the product of what came before us, all life evolved from a single cell, and we all have DNA characteristics in common. Some more than others. If you believe in creationism you know that we were created "from the dust of the ground." Once again we have the same characteristics (DNA) as the crops around us. They were created to supply us with supplements the body needs. This cannot be denied. Mankind eats because mankind has to in order to stay alive and receive nutrients. The plants that are here by nature are plants meant to sustain the higher levels of life. It is the DNA that gives them the characteristics and makes a pear a pear, a peach a peach, and a banana a banana. Each of these fruits, and all other crops have nutrients in them that help the body. Each of them have something the others don't have, and we were meant to eat them all. When you add DNA you add something that changes the nutritional value of the plants. This is by definition.

The higher ups at Monsanto cannot help but know this. Many of the rank and file I am sure do not. Who knows what - who knows? But at the top they must know. To genetically modify our crops is murder on a massive scale. Just because people don't die immediately, even if it takes forty years, it is still murder. And that is what they are doing, whether they know about it or not. Unfortunately, the big boys, and girls, who have mega money and mega power, are not brought to justice. And so many people just go along with the program thinking everything is fine, but it is not. The super elite of the world think that the planet is overpopulated, so they try to do something about it. It is not their place to do this. They think we can't understand how what they are doing is moral because it will save the planet. Well, we do understand. And we understand it is not their place to decide who lives and who dies. The planet is alive, whether anyone believes it or not. And if the planet feels there are too many people, it will react in such a way as will reduce the population. It will do this through earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, what have you. But it is the one that has the right to decide. Not the super elite. Not the one's who wish to play God and create live, modify it, (through genetics, DNA, or however), and they will reap a horrible karma for their actions. But tomorrow back to the I Ching.

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