Monday, January 23, 2012

Expect the Unexpected

We are entering a new year now. For the Western world, it was entered of course on January 1st, but for China and parts of Southeast Asia the new year approached today, or yesterday, depending on what part of the world you are in.

Ironically, the first new moon for westerners, is in Aquarius. The Chinese new year starts off with the new moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and Uranus is known for eccentricity, and the unexpected happening. This new moon also touches off the Pluto Uranus square that has been in the sky for some time, and will be for some time to come. Expect the unexpected.

This paragraph deals a little more with conjecture, as I do not remember all the astrological rules for stock market timing. However, for the U.S. Market, especially the Dow Jones Average, if I remember right in my astrology training, when Venus has moved as far as it can ahead of the sun, and starts to go retrograde, that can mean a change in direction for the stock market as well. However, as a rule the stock market goes up from Aquarius to Leo, and down from Leo to Capricorn, (but there are several other factors as well, and it is only when they all converge that we see major changes.) Anyway, with things positioned as they are, expect major changes not just in the market, but in all aspects of life. The year 2012 is likely to be an extremely turbulent year. Now I am no prophet, but I do see certain trends, and I expect them to continue.

Sun spot activity is starting to become a major factor again, and last night, as major solar activity blasted through the protective shield of the earth, we had serious tornado activity in Alabama. Expect more. The sun is starting to get really active, and some of it is headed directly for earth.

Pluto in Capricorn, in my estimation, though I have never heard astrologers talk about this very much, is disruption, (corruption from deep within - Pluto) in the government (Capricorn) We have already seen revolutions spring around the world. Do not be surprised if we see major, and I mean major civil unrest in the U.S., especially as people become more and more aware of the true meaning of the National Defense Authorization Act, and as we start seeing people disappearing from society, and as well the civil unrest if the anti piracy laws go into effect on the internet, (which are really not just about antipiracy but also about shutting down information about what governments are really doing. The laws end free speech. We will very likely see civil unrest in the United States. It is likely to become more prevalent in many countries though, even those who are traditionally and presently locked into dictatorships. By the end of the year it is very possible too that there will be major wars, with huge losses of life on all sides.

Furthermore, 2012 if the Chinese year of the Dragon. Traditionally East is considered Dragon, west is Tiger. And the Dragon and the Tiger ultimately fight. It seems that there is all together a fear, a hatred, and a fascination one with the other. We each have our strengths and weaknesses.

But remember - the elite of this world know astrology. They teach us that it is unscientific and nonsense, yet they themselves practice it. They know the right times to create financial havoc, the right times to create wars, and the right places to create wars. Their motto is "Order out of Chaos." They create the chaos, then they submit the solutions, solutions in which they have complete control. The people are starting to wake up, and when they do, the elite will HAVE to find ways to eliminate the masses fast, or they will be destroyed. We will see at least the beginnings of this in 2012, if not more.

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