Monday, January 16, 2012

A Few Quick Notes

Primarily, it appears that the SOPA laws, the "internet kill switch" has been put on hold due to much resistance by "major web behemoths," (a quote from an article for today by Alex Jones), and free speech remains alive just a while longer, at least for the most part, (many videos have been removed from youtube by government request, despite the first amendment). There also seems to be some forward and backstepping on the possibility of war with Iran. This could be world war III, or it could be more minor for the time being. I do think something big is brewing here, it is just a matter of when the sidestepping will stop and action will begin. It may be some time down the road however.

We must take into consideration whether these events are just happening at this time in history, or whether they are really contrived. There may be those in power who wish to bring about the end times scenario predicted in the Bible. But why? Why bring about such death and destruction? The destruction caused by world war III in itself would be unimaginable. But suppose, and I submit to you there is, a group of people, who have a very slightly different genetic makeup that the common person, who for reasons we won't go into right now, absolutely hate the common man and are looking for ways to destroy mankind, making it look like it was the natural byproduct of war. If there is a war that destroys a large part of mankind in the works, in the process of that war, could not the genetically different elite on this planet use that same time to create extremely powerful superbugs to destroy our health? Destroy our crops? Use technologies such as HAARP to change our weather patterns, and wherever possible create mayhem?

There is a verse in the book of Revelations, (the most commonly used book of prophecy in the Christian Worlds Bible) that says, "hid themselves in the dens and the rocks of the mountains, And said to the rocks and mountains, fall on us and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne...." Do these people plan to use the underground bunkers as shelters during this time so that they can survive while the rest of mankind suffers? It is not as far fetched as some may think, for it is well known that the governments of the world have been rapidly creating underground shelters everywhere. I will leave it to the readers to decide what they think of this.

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