Friday, December 16, 2011

Various thoughts for the day

Well, I had something in mind for today, the thought came to me earlier as I was out and about, but I didn't get it written down, so I am just going to have to wing it for right now, until I can compose my thoughts once again.

As far as hexagram eleven goes, we have been discussing how that hexagram teaches us various aspects of unity, and what it means when unity prevails, it leads to "peace on earth" which happens to be the theme of the holidays. Peace is not broken though, simply because people are at war with each other, and there is plenty of war to go around during this holiday season, but even wars among men are symptomatic of war within man. We as individuals are at war with ourselves. Our conscious minds are at war with our subconscious, and as a result life does not always deliver us our hopes and dreams. But we as individuals are also simply a holographic image of the overall cosmos. This is to say that each of us, as a holographic image, is a mirror image of the cosmos. Therefore everything that exists is within each of us. We are all a complete package of the whole. AS above, so below. Therefore, the heavens as well mirror image each individual and tells us our individual stories, and the stories of mankind as a whole because it is all part of one package. We and it are all one.

It goes back to what the Chinese called the Wu Chi, or the Wu Wei, I have forgotten the exact term. But in essence it means the wholeness that precedes division, and is the ultimate reality behind division. In other words, duality is just an illusion. The original unity, being consciousnes, decided that it would give itself experience by dividing into two and by that division create the "ten thousand things" as the "Tao Teh Ching" calls it. In other words, the manifestation. And just as Jesus gives us the parable of the prodigal son of the the universe itself is this prodigal son who goes out into duality in order to gain experience. When he returns, his brother is angry because the Father kills the "fatted Calf" for him in joy of his return. But the brother is really only jealous of the experience his brother has gained in his journey to the outer land. Hexagram fifty six is in some ways an eastern version of the story of the "Prodigal Son."

When the Wu Wei divides, it creates the illusion of time and space. It also creates the illusion of yin and yang with its various attributes which have no meaning without the benefit of their opposite values. When these two great forces properly interact, the universe goes back into a state of acquiescence in which the forces of light and darkness, time and space, yin and yang are no longer opposed to each other but harmonize to the point where they are no longer separate concepts part are simply one universal whole. Gary Renard, the author of "The Disappearance of the Universe," has written a masterful treatise on this subject from a westerners point of view. Another great book, which comes from a completely different perspective, but still is very useful and insightful, is a book called "Oneness" by Rasha. I highly recommend these two books, although they have no discussion of the I Ching, but come from a different perspective to the same ultimate outlook.

In other news, while the President had promised to veto senate bill 1867, it now looks like he won't. Senate bill 1867 is very likely to come into law this week if it hasn't already. There is already an executive order that does the same thing so it is not all that meaningful, but we must understand that the United States is now under martial law. It is also my understanding that the government is now posting job offers for prison guards in concentration camps. I doubt that much will happen early on, but the elite want one world government by the end of 2012, and I suspect at that point we will see the concentration camps start to fill up, but we will see.

I don't know how far along the bill is in the senate or house for an internet "kill switch," but I am sure it is coming. At that point free speech will be largely a thing of the past, but we will see. Anyway, more later.

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