Friday, December 23, 2011

Turns His Attention Within

When lines one, two, and five of hexagram eleven change, the result is hexagram thirty nine. The I Ching tells us, as well as all sacred literature, that our problems are of our own making. Since we are almost all of us out of touch with our deeper subconscious minds, we do not know this. We do not know how we can be responsible for it ourselves. And yet that is exactly the message born in all sacred literature, as well as the latest self help books, and psychology books on the market. We ourselves are responsible. Of course, once we realize that it is still important that we do not judge ourselves, and be too critical of ourselves because we did not consciously choose this reality. It was created within the collective unconscious. Nevertheless, we can learn to go within and find the way out. So... the the image in hexagram thirty nine says, "Thus the superior man turns his attention to himself and molds his character." The only way we can fix a problem is within. We must find the solution within ourselves. For, as is written in spiritual books, "There is nothing outside of us that can hurt us." It is only what is within. This becomes clear when we truly believe that "we are all one." Not only must we believe it, but we must experience that reality in our day to day experience, and realize that the entire universe is just an illusion created by the "one and only mind." The mind of God. We realize that we are simply a part of that overall mind, no more and no less than anyone else is, and that when we have conflict, when we have turmoil, when we are hurt by others, it is really simply ourselves doing it to ourselves. Then we progress to hexagram forty where the image says, "Thus the superior man pardons mistakes, and forgives misdeeds." He realizes that by forgiving others he is in reality forgiving himself for we are all one, and it is within ourselves that we create the problem.

Therefore, when we read line one of hexagram eleven, we find that all things are interconnected. The line says, "When ribbon grass is pulled up the sod comes with it." The sod comes with it because it is all interconnected. When we understand oneness, then we understand that the "sod and the ribbon grass are connected." In other words, everything clings to everything else in unification. (See hexagram thirty.)

We cannot think a thought without that same thought being available to everyone. We speak of the Akashic records because all thought and all activity is forever recorded in this "universal subconscious mind" and it is accessible. Those who think they can get away with something are assuming there is an "ULTIMATE" me and you, and separation between us. There is no such thing. Because we are all connected we are karmically connected and cannot hurt another without hurting ourselves. Therefore, we, as in hexagram forty, "Forgive misdeeds and pardon transgressions. Once again we can calm our minds as in hexagram fifty two, so much so that the "sacrificial spoon does not fall" as in hexagram fifty one, and not worry in the least about transgressions against us, for it is all in the plan of the one universal subconscious mind that such happen, and ultimately it is for our good alone, for their is no evil except as we make it such. "He turns his attention to himself, and molds his character."

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