Wednesday, December 07, 2011

More on SB 1867

Well, senate bill 1867 has passed, and with it the constitutional protections of the people of the U.S. President Obama says he will veto it, but only because he has already signed an executive order that does the same thing. In essence congress has now become non functional and is only a showcase. Most laws now are passed by executive order and the congress has little to say about it. But that is minor compared to what is happening. The bill allows the military to act as police agents within the U.S. and arrest and detain any citizen they chose to without any evidence of wrong doing on the part of the citizen, and the citizen is given no rights to counsel, an attorney, and is detained for as long as the military cares to detain them. They do not have to tell anyone anywhere that they have detained said citizen. This applies to Americans on American soil, but technical the bill applies to any citizen of any country, anywhere in the world. This is a dark day in America, but it happened because people refused to believe there was anything going on inside the U.S. that would detract from our liberties. Nevertheless, here are the fact laid bare.

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