Thursday, December 01, 2011

An Ancient Space War

Most of us, when we go to the movies, just want to be entertained, and that is what we usually end up being. There isn't for the most part a thought out analysis on the story line, and no thought is given as to how that particular story line came about. Much of the stories seem very fictional to us and are just a way to escape reality and put ourselves in a fictitious setting where we can play the hero, etc.

But might there be more to some movies than just the story line and a means of escaping into a more exciting reality? For example, the Star Wars movies? Are they really fictional or are they a means of subtly telling society there is a deeper message that will help us, if we comprehend, in a matter of spiritual growth? Or is there even more to the story that the storywriters are compelled to tell us, but only those that have ears to hear? The Bible and many other sacred scriptures tell us of a cosmic war that took place millenia ago. Now days we either pass it off as the fantasy of a not so highly evolved race, or we spiritualize it to the point that it makes no sense except in some far off place of angels and demons. Perhaps neither scenario is correct, and perhaps there really was a cosmic war, millenia ago, that was not fought by angels and demons, but by us, or at least our ancestors, maybe not exactly genetically our ancestors, but close. There has been much work done lately that reveals evidence of a cosmic war. One such piece of evidence has been around for a long time, but mainstream science has denied any claims that it could have been the results of a cosmic war. (If you go deeply into the study of this you will come to understand that what is officially told the public is almost always a lie.) That one most obvious piece of evidence is the asteroid belt. But there is more, there are gaping holes on the planet Mars, elongated scars that appear to have been created by a weapon of scalar proportions. And here is the kicker that has come up lately. The space program of this country and others seems to be constantly creating diversionary tactics to keep people from knowing what is really going on, and doing something totally different than their stated purpose. (Just so people will know, some of this most recent evidence comes from Richard C. Hoagland who wrote the book, "Monuments on Mars." I listened to him for about three hours, and relistened today, on a radion program. I know there is much controversy about him, but I have found that those who "debunk" him use very superficial arguments, and are not truly serious in their claims. There is a contingency here on planet earth that knows about this cosmic war, and is doing everything in its power to make sure the common man does not know.

The argument may come up, but why would they care who knows? The answer is, if you know, you also know there is something to the ancient texts that speak of these wars, the texts that speak of ancient flying machines, etc., and may find out the world is really a hologram, and you are not trapped in it except through your mind, your beliefs. They want mankind as slaves. It appears, and I know this is going to sound really hokie to some, but it does appear, that some of these so called asteroids, or comets, or what have you are not natural objects at all, but unmanned space ships flying around in a pattern not natural to gravitatonal pull, and just keep traveling around because there is no one left to man them, or to make them work, just war machines no different than ships and airplanes that come to rest in the bottom of the sea, or wherever but haven't yet disintegrated.

I find this whole subject fascinating. I find it fascinating because it makes sense as to why the powers that be would insist on lying to us constantly as to what is really going on on planet earth. In a way that we would never expect, this earth really is ruled by a "luciferian principle," and explains why so many really refuse to wake up, but prefer mind numbing techniques as somewhat described in the movie, "The Matrix," another movie that is meant to be more than just entertainment. The year 2012 is fascinating not because of many earth changes, and the world is not going to end, but it is fascinating because it is the time when the world wakes up out of its sleep, at least many people, who will survive, will wake up. We will find out we have been lied to. We will find out we can have free, and unlimited energy at our disposal, and that we can dream big dreams and make them real, make them come true, that we are not bound by the material plane. For the material plane is only half the equation. The other half is spirit, or quantum mechanics, or Ch'i, or universal energy, whatever we want to call it.

The war is not over, it is only in a state of temporary lull. The war was so devastating that both sides lost their technology and had to start all over again. That is more true, however, of the dark side, which is just now beginning to learn to develop the overwhelming power of scalar technology, of quantum mechanics, of electro magnetic propulsion, and of tesla energy technology. And they are not going to allow any of us to be enlightened without a fight. This fight is coming to earth, and it is coming soon. The war is returning. The dark side wanted mankind for slavery, they did not want to have us enlightened because then they could not control us. These are men, not some etherial type of angelic being, and they are here, and soon they will be in a desperate struggle to destroy as many of us as they can, before they themselves are destroyed. This may seem highly fictional, I can assure you it is not, and the war is returning soon. I find this just mind blowing, fascinating work, and am looking forward to learning a lot more.

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