Monday, December 19, 2011

Changes Ocurring

Right now, I will not talk about the I Ching so much, just for today, as there are so many things going on on planet earth right now that I have not had time to really come up with a plan for what I want to speak about. But I do hope to intensify my efforts as the time is drawing short. Changes of major proportions are occurring in today's world. The major news sources are still not covering a lot of it but some of it they have to cover, because it is becoming so obvious. At this point still, though, I do not recommend trusting any of the major news sources in the United States as they all cover only what they get from their sources which are closely allied with government institutions. Freedom of the press still exists in principle in the U.S. but it is being eroded more every day. With the legislation planned for an internet kill switch, freedom of speech will be a thing of the past and no one will be able to get an alternative news source.

The Bible and other ancient texts speak of things happening in the last days, and they do seem to be happening. Now I have heard all of the arguments about they have been saying that for centuries, I am well aware of that. There are things happening now though that are unprecedented. The ancient texts tell us that before that "great and terrible day" there will be signs in the sun and moon, etc. I noticed the other day that the moon seems to be shifted a little bit. But thought it couldn't be really true. Well, now I am getting reports, hearing things that say that maybe the moon and the sun have shifted on its axis. It is of a certainty, that the earth itself is experiencing a magnetic polar shift as that has been reported in mainstream newspapers, and airports have even made some shifts in the numbering of the runways due to a changing magnetic north. I have not heard if that is continuing to happen or now. As soon as we have a clear night, I am going to go out and see if I can spot the moon and see if the "man in the moon" has shifted position. You can tell because of the location of crater marks on the moon. I don't know if there is any truth to this, but I will be trying to find out all the information I can get. If the craters on the moon appear in a different spot, then one of two things must be true. Either the moon, and possibly the sun, or the earth, have experienced a polar shift that has changed the direction of north at least somewhat. I will try to get all the information as I can. There is a lot of misinformation on the web, and sources must be checked out thoroughly. I do have good sources that I trust though if they will take the time to respond to me. I think this is such a fascinating discussion that it has truly captured my attention.

On another note. There is activity in the U.S. congress, and among the global elite, attempting to make it illegal to sell vitamins, or basically anything that is truly healthy, and to force all food distributors to sell only irradiated food. If this comes about, much of humanity will die over the ensuing short years. It is a blatant attack on the lower classes of people, who are deemed unnecessary, and a blight on the health of the planet overall. According to the elite, these people must be eliminated. It will also be illegal to inform people of these situations as well. There is no more democracy on this planet. It is gone. Therefore, we are truly in the last days.

More on this later.

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