Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Peace on Earth

Right now it is Christmas time, at least for much of the world, and supposedly a time for peace on earth. But do we really have peace, and what is required to accomplish peace on this planet? We cannot have peace while there are those who insist on instituting absolute, complete, and total control on all peoples of the planet. These people stop at nothing to attain their goals. Why? There are run by ego. It is their own egos that control them, while they themselves think they are in control. They appear to fear nothing, yet in reality they fear everything, for they fear losing control, and loss of control would mean loss of everything that they hold dear. So they hold the reigns even tighter, they take away free speech. They destroy human rights. And why? Well, they say it is for our own good because we are a subspecies and cannot control ourselves, therefore they must do it for us. And in attempting to accomplish this they are willing to kill off billions of people if necessary to attain their goals. They think, once they are in control we (or they, not many of us left) will have peace. But they do not understand a basic principle. First, those who feel the need for control and to control, will always feel the need even more. So there is no peace because control freaks must find somebody or something to control. There is no end to their quest until they are the last person on earth. And there is still no peace because they are not in control of themselves, though they think they are. There is a passage in the I Ching, I will try to find it soon, that says something to the effect, "for when evil has fully subjugated the good, having nothing left to feed on, feeds on itself, and therefore destroys itself." It cannot endure. Even if the elite, those who wish to totally control the planet, succeed, they will begin to fight amongst themselves for control, and totally destroy themselves so that the good may once again prosper. Their case is hopeless, even if they destroy all freedom loving humans and attain their goal of total control. As the commentary on hexagram twenty three line six says, "When misfortune has spent its course, better times return. The seed of the good remains, and it is just when the fruit FALLS TO THE GROUND that good sprouts anew from its seed. The evil men may devour us. They may crush us like powder, but their own time will come. It is inevitable.

As such hexagrams twenty three and twenty four are in a sense the eastern version of Christmas. For the real Christmas story is never told. Most people think it is the day of the birth of Jesus. That is highly unlikely. At the very least we do not know that. The Christmas story was in effect borrowed from pagan sources. Those pagans, or druids, and many other groups, worshiped December twenty fifth as "the day the light returns." For just as the sun reaches its lowest point and the northern hemisphere experiences the shortest day on December 21st or 22nd, so the sun returns its upward movement into the northern hemisphere again on December twenty fifth. Thus the Christmas carol goes, "He will bring us goodness and LIGHT." The Roman Catholic church made a religion out of it and a literal story of a Son (sun) being born on this day. No matter how dark the night gets, the day returns. This happens in many ways, as a cyclic event. It happens yearly with our sun, it happens during the astrological ages when the sun goes into aquarius, where it is at its darkest, and goes back to Leo, which the sun rules. Right now we are headed for aquarius, but the sign aquarius appears monthly right after Capricorn when the sun begins its upward climb. (The symbol for Capricorn is the goat which climbs the mountain as the sun climbs in the sky, and step by step arises from lowliness into the heights of the mountain. In the same way, though Aquarius is winter time, the sun does begin to move back upward, and the light approaches. The attempts of world governments right now to really clamp down on their populations, under the context of fighting terrorism) will work for a while, and many will die in the "wars and rumours of war" and the plagues that are coming, (many man made) but their time is coming as well. We must all accept and fulfill our karma, which may not be a delightful task, but then ultimately mankind becomes the victor, and the elitists who fear lack of control will pay the price for their "rebellion." This is the true meaning of Christmas, it means the light is returning. And when the "light of the superior man is true," (hexagram sixty four line five) then we have peace on earth. This brings us back to hexagram eleven...

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