Monday, July 25, 2011

The Present Layout: Response to Question from Anonymous

Hello Anonymous. You had mentioned that the blogspot was showing up in a pale red, and asked what colors it was supposed to be? The blog is create in a predefined template, and is basically unedited, it has a light blue, almost teal or turquoise background, the title shows up in dark blue, and the text shows up in an off white, slightly yellowish box. I don't know what other computers would show. It may be the type of browser you are using is causing the off colors. Or it may be that it comes up different on everybody else's computer but mine. I don't really know. Originally I used Windows explorer but found that the latest version of windows explorer is not compatible with posting on the blogspot so I switched to firefox. It comes up with the same colors in both browsers, so I am not sure what is happening. Hopefully it is not hard for you to read. The only suggestion I can make is try a different browser.


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