Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Making a Connection

We have talked about making a connection in hexagram thirty eight; in hexagram three we pick up this motif also. The commentary on the fourth line says, "However, an opportunity to make connections offers itself. It must be seized." When we are asking about relationships and get this line, it is somewhat obvious what the meaning might be, but there is a deeper meaning too. We have been so long alone in the world, and focusing on our uniqueness, and the seeming lack of caring of the world at large, when we suddenly realize, that if all is one, the world really does love us, although not in an apparent sort of way. It loves us because we are all created of the same material, and that material is conscious. The atoms and molecules that flow through one person's body flow through all. It doesn't appear to be so on the macro level, but on the micro level, it is certainly happening. We are all connected. Therefore, when we are shown the truth, the reality of this situation, we must seize the connection. The text goes on to say, "Neither false pride nor false reserve should deter us." Pride will always stand in the way of a true connection. This is true regardless of whether we are talking about our personal relationships, our business relationships, or the connection with the universal subconscious mind. Then the commentary says, "It is necessary to take the first step." This brings us back to hexagram thirty eight momentarily where the commentary in book three on line five says, "The person in the superior position must go out to meet the companion. The rule demands this. A man of ability will not take the initiative and offer himself." It is up to us to make the first move when we are in a position in which a connection is necessary. This is true in relationships, or whatever situation we might be in. If we recognize the need for a connection, it is our duty to resolve the "misunderstanding," the "opposition," and the isolation and take the first step to resolving the situation, even if this seems to be somewhat beneath our dignity. We cannot let pride overcome us. In our relationship with the Sage, (the I Ching, our higher selves,) we must make the first move. The Sage is only love, and will not reject us, but it is in the situation where it does not need us, we need the Sage, (our a significant other). The same line appears in hexagram four, where it is said that we must come to the teacher; the teacher, (The Sage, the Higher Self) does not approach us. And finally, in hexagram thirty three line four the commentary says regarding retreat, "The only one who suffers is the inferior man from whom he retreats, who will degenerate when deprived of the guidance of the superior man." The same is true in all our relationships. We must understand well enough the situation to know when it is time to retreat, and when it is time to make a connection, and who will suffer the most from failing to make the connection.


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