Monday, July 04, 2011

The Powers That Be

I'm going to put this out here while it is still legal to do so. The U.S. Government has seriously discussed making it illegal to believe in conspiracy theory, which, by definition is anything that doesn't follow the official government line. In other words, in the future it will be illegal to believe anything other than what the government wants you to believe. They tell you the party line, and you follow it, or else. You believe it no matter what the evidence is.

The following is a long video that exposes lies of the official 9/11 story. It is one of many. There is only one reason why people refuse to believe the truth about 9/11. It sounds too ridiculous. It doesn't fit the fabrications that have been fed to them about reality since birth. It is time to start thinking for ourselves. Some say to expose conspiracy is simply an attempt to put everyone into fear. No. It simply reveals the fear that we already have. Deep down inside all of us know the truth, but we prefer a lie because it is easier and covers up our fears. We want to think that all is right with the world, but it is not. Truth is stranger than fiction. And we need to face it, wherever it leads. Therefore, I am revealing these things as long as I legally can. After that, who knows what happens next. The government wants to make it illegal to believe in conspiracy because too many people are waking up. The rest of us need to wake up too. It is only a few months away when all crap breaks loose on planet earth. It is coming as sure as you can be. It is coming. Anyway, here is the link:


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