Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today's Big News

Just a quick note for now. There are not a lot of people who read this blogspot and I can understand that, but there are millions who go to Alex Jones website:

There is a very interesting story about the ATF supplying guns to the Mexican drug cartel. I bring this up because this has been in the mainstream media, although played down a lot, and is a very, very big story. I feel for my countrymen, both those who know what is going on and those who don't. The story imploded on the new world order figures in our country, but as usual, they are experts at damage control, and have minimized the story for the sleeping public. The vast majority of people just refuse to believe that there could be elements within our government who are willing to bring the country down in order to create the new world order. Therefore, even though Alex Jones has a huge following, his followers are largely ineffective in creating any real change. The world's global elite is intent on enslaving mankind, and they are getting close to grabbing total control and then coming out in the open. I feel for all of us because if this doesn't change, if people do not wake up, there are billions going to be losing their lives on this planet very soon. Most of us who talk about it have small audiences and many just cannot believe there is such a massive infusion of "evil" into this planet; yet the things we are talking about are definitely happening.

Expect that the president will be proposing a massive arms reduction plan soon for the civilian population. Due to the massive debt incurred in this country expect that whatever congress does or doesn't do, the economy will largely collapse. Expect a stock market crash this year, or at the latest, October of 2012. And get this; the global elitists have said on record that they want to set up their new world order by the end of yes, 2012.

People need to wake up. The evidence is all around us, but this is how the dark side works. They create a problem, then offer a solution, one that benefits them. They create mayhem and disorder, and then say the answer is gun control. It is not. It is a lie they use to further their agenda, and make sure no one can resist them. This is coming, and it is getting very, very close. I would like to think there is more we can do, but until people wake up, it is almost hopeless.

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