Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More on Fifty Line Three

The commentary on line three says, "This describes a man who, in a highly advanced civilization, finds himself in a place where no one notices or recognizes him. This is a severe block to his effectiveness." I am sure we have all felt that way at one time or another. We try to do our work, we put ourselves out there but we are just not recognized. The key here is patience, and to maintain our spiritual connection with source, and continue to do our work, and to "practice chariot driving." It seems that "All of our good qualities and gifts of mind are needlessly going to waste." At such times we must bear patience and calmness of spirit. The image of hexagram twenty eight says, "When he stands alone, he is unconcerned." We are emotional creatures,and have feelings, and it is proper that it be this way. However, we must not let our emotions run away with us. Remember the old Star Trek series. Bones was always flying off the handle. He felt everything and became consumed by his emotions. Spock never felt any emotion at all. And the captain, Jim, was the perfect synthesis between the two. He used his emotions when it was proper to do so, but maintained a presence of mind at the same time. There are times when we need to decrease the emotional content, not by suppressing, as Spock did, but by synthesizing them as Jim did. We must unite head and heart, not let either one of them completely control us. We control them. When we practice meditation, to the point where we do not let the sacrificial chalice fall, (hexagram fifty one) We are able to handle any situation, including the situation where we "have to renounce the world, yet remain undaunted."

It becomes so much easier however, when we understand the principle behind this attitude.We understand that, as the commentary says, "If he will only see to it that he is possessed of something truly spiritual, the time is bound to come, sooner or later, when the difficulties will be resolved, and all will go well." This is the principle, when we are possessed of something spiritual, that is to say, when we have a connection with the universal subconscious mind, the time is bound to come. Everything falls into place according to its purpose. We need have no purpose of our own, (hexagram two line line two) but merely align ourselves with universal purpose, and behold "fate is favorable." When we align our will with universal will, we cannot fail, though it may seem like it for a long time. When the rain comes, our sorrow is turned to joy, as tension is released, (see also hexagram forty) As a final note to this, and how it works, see hexagram forty five line two, where the commentary says, "There are secret forces at work, bringing together those who belong together. We must yield to this attraction, then we make no mistake." There are always forces at work that unite that which needs to be united, and separating that which needs to be separated. As such, we can release tension, when we learn to simply trust this principle, to let go and let divine will work within us.

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