Saturday, January 20, 2007

Writing soon

Believe me, I will be writing again soon on the I Ching. Hold tight, but right now, I have been spending a lot of time listening to some very special reports. Any of you who are keeping abreast of the news behind the news, (the daily news is crap) if you are truly paying attention, you cannot help but come to the conclusion, this age, the age of Pisces, is coming to an end. Things have been slowly simmering, and the nonbelievers still say, all this has happened before, nothing big is changing, but now they are starting to come to a boil. Things are absolutely fascinating. It is coming to a time when men's and women's souls will be tested to the core. A superstorm is happening in Europe. The U.S. and/or Israel will soon be attacking Iran. The Chinese have shot down one of their old satellites. Chuck Berry, (I believe that's the name.) sang in the sixties, the interesting song, "The Eastern World, it is exploding..." Even back then, but nothing like what is happening now. And listen folks, the war in Iran will most likely have nuclear overtones and exchanges. It is coming now, and it is coming quick. I will tell you this, again, the really big stuff will be happening after the year 2008, but there is going to be enough happening before then, people will be opening some eyes. The fireworks are coming. Doon and gloom? No, the new age, once it is here, will be wonderful, but as a woman in travail....

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Michelle Wood said...

Hi Gene,

I remember that song..."Eve of Destruction." Seems humanity is out to toast itself, not in congratulatory way, either; in a burnt sort of way.

Makes one wonder about "civilization," doesn't it!?