Friday, January 19, 2007

A couple of books

A couple of books I highly recommend are by Gary Renard. The first one is called the "Disappearance of the Universe," and the second one is called, "Your Immortal Reality." These books clearly illustrate the science of oneness. Gary comes from the perspective described in "A Course in Miracles," which I have not spent a lot of time with. It seems extremely wordy, and would take up a lot of my time, not that I don't recommend it. With what Gary has come up with though, it must be a worthy course.


Michelle Wood said...

That's funy that you should mention Oneness! I posted about qi yesterday, and this was the closing paragraph:

In his book The Web That Has No Weaver, (McGraw-Hill, 2000) Ted Kaptchuk, O.M.D. says: (p. 69) Perhaps the best single statement concerning Qi that summarizes the sense that Chinese history has conferred on the concept appears in Tu Wei-Ming's writings: All modalities of being, from a rock to heaven, are integral parts of a continuum (ta hua). Since nothing is outside of this continuum, the chain of being is never broken. A linkage will always be found between any given pair of things in the universe. . . .The continuous presence of Qi in all modalities of being makes everything flow together as the unfolding of a single process. Nothing, not even an almighty creator, is external to this process.

Your Immortal Reality sounds interesting. I will have to look that one up when I finish Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis by James L. Oschman, which is pretty interesting, too!

gener202 said...


I will go to the bookstore tomorrow, make sure I have that title exactly right, but it is by Gary Renard, and I know the Title of the disappearance book is correct. These books are great. By the way, if you can, listen to, last nights show interviewing Greg Braden. It is an awesome show about the debate in physics now. Many physicists are now coming to the conclusion that the universe is a giant consciousness machine. There is a charge for the show online, but a one time one month subscription is only a few dollars, and there are a lot of great shows on there. Greg is saying, among other things, that while traditionally in western science, there has been no recognition of an interconnectedness of things, now there is.