Monday, January 08, 2007

Hexagram thirty six

A brief introduction to hexagram thirty six here, more coming later.

In hexagram thirty we discussed various ways a person can get diverted from the path, or in other words, the T'ao. This is due more to getting distracted. In hexagram thirty six, we can also get diverted, but here it is more of a case of getting discouraged, and giving up.

It is the ego, primarily, which is our mortal enemy. The ego wishes to be in charge, even in situations, and most situations apply, for which it is not inately up to the challenge. Nevertheless, it has an overtly egoistic desire to try, to be in front. When it cannot, it creates problems.

"Darkening of the light" refers to our "inner light," or perhaps, it can be said as well, "inner truth." The light cannot be extinguished, it is always there, but the ego will invariably create a "covering," ("The curtain is of such fullness That the polestars can be seen at noon. Hexagram fifty five, line two.}" It attempts to cover the light because, if it does not, it will be seen for what it is. ("Progress like a hamster, Perseverance brings danger." Hexagram thirty five, line four.)

When Darkening of the light occurs, it is important not to become discouraged. At this time it is particularly important to "persevere in what is correct." (See Carol Anthony's book, "I Ching, the oracle of the cosmic way.")A person must ever hold to his/her "inner light/inner truth." The first line defines the problem a little deeper. The text says, "Darkness of the light during flight." The flight is symbolic of our spiritual passageway. We fly when we enter the heavenly realms. It is such a great temptation along the way though, when we are trying to understand spiritual matters to say, "this does not seem to help me." It may make sense, but we cannot apply it yet to our daily lives. We cannot apply it because we cannot yet put it in its proper perspective. Precisely at this point we become discouraged. When we become discouraged, we "lower our wings." In other words we give up, leave the spiritual realm, and decide the dark inert, hard matter, is all there really is after all, and the universe does not hear our prayer.

To be continued shortly

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