Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Last (hopefully) football diversion

Well the last time I spoke about football, I called the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the original cardiac kids. Since then they have been little more than a joke, professionally wise, anyway. I guess I should have kept my mouth shut. Now that the regular season is over I have no more interest in football except for the superbowl itself, and that only because it is the unwritten code among men that you either watch football, or there must be something wrong with you. Well, I only watch the home team, and since I went to Boise State University, I watched them last night, in a game that wasn't over til after 1:00 AM ET. In fact, it went into overtime. Last night Boise State was the cardiac kids. They were the underdogs, and a lot of people were more than puzzled as to why Boise State would make it to a BCS Bowl game anyway and were expecting a blowout by the Oklahoma Sooners. (A school from my mother's home town by the way. She was an avid Sooner fan.) Well, Boise State got off to an early lead and never looked back, that is, until the last two minutes of the game. With under two minutes to go, Oklahoma struck, and tied the game up. Then, the next play from the line of scrimmage they intercept a Zabrinsky pass, and off they go to the races. A minute and nine seconds left to go, everyone thought Boise State had lost. But, BSU still had a minute left, so, on after reaching the fifty yard line, they throw a pass, a hook and lateral pass, and the runner goes racing into the end zone. No time left, the game is going into overtime. One of the reasons people thought Oklahoma would blow BSU out was that Oklahoma had Adrian Peterson, the top running back in the country. (Of course, Boise State had Ian Johnson, possibly the second best, but everyone thought he had run against inferior teams - by the way, on national TV after the game he proposed to his cheerleader sweetheart and she said yes.) Well, Boise State had shut down Adrian all night long, til the first play from the line of scrimmage in overtime, at which time he took the ball and ran straight into the end zone, practically untouched. But it was not the sudden death type of overtime, so Boise State gets its chance. On a fourth and two they get a first down. On the next fourth and a few, they went right, passed into the end zone,touchdown. Now all they needed was the extra point, and it would be tied again, but they went for two. Zabransky went to pass, he passed, oops, no he didn't, the ball was in his left hand. As soon as he appeared to be passing, everyone moved to the right where the pass was apparently going. When that happened he handed off to Ian Johnson, who went left into the endzone, untouched, and Boise State wins. Needless to say, a lot of people who follow football in this country are stunned this morning.


Anonymous said...

Hail to Boise State Football team. You put on the best game of the 2006/07 bowl series and a mockery of the BCS system. One of the top ten games that I have witnessed over the past 60+ years. You guys are good, or as the Staples add says: "That was easy!"

gener202 said...

Thanks anonymous

It has been years since I have been there, but I still cheer them on as much as ever!