Monday, January 22, 2007

Hexagram 50 line 3

This I think, is a very important line, and one that we ought to take a quick look at because it is rather easy to see the relationship between the I Ching and the querent in this line. There are several sayings in the text of this line. We will take them one at a time and see the personal usage of these sayings.

The first line says, “The handle of the ting is altered.

The handle is often the means by which we grab or grasp things. It is important that we grasp the material being taught us correctly. Of course, until we reach a certain level of understanding, we cannot grasp. We may grasp a more momentary meaning, but the true meanings are left cold to us until we are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ready to grasp on the next level. When we receive this line, there is a good possibility that we are not grasping the meaning of the material that was meant for us. It is also possible that we are ready to go onto the next level, but are simply not “getting it” yet. A third meaning here is that perhaps one is attempting to teach us the I Ching, but is not yet ready for as high a level as his students are. As teachers, we must take a great deal of responsibility for the correctness of the teaching. We, as teachers must also maintain an air of humbleness. We must honor the student as much as the student honors us. And that honoring is not meant to be an ostentatious response, but a recognition of the value of both the teacher and the student. The teacher is not to represent himself higher than he is, nor belittle the student, even in the sense of looking down on the student’s lesser knowledge.

Since it has been a while since I have posted anything, I am going to do it now, and finish this line later, but I want to get something out there, and let people know I am still around.

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