Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No Physical Reality

There is no physical reality. That is why the I Ching works, as well as Tarot cards, or Runes, or what have you. There is no physical reality. And as soon as our scientists figure that out our world and our technology will improve by leaps and bounds. Actually, some scientists HAVE figured this out, and are writing about it; but there is a contingency, a large contingency of science that will nay say anything that smacks of a higher reality. This is true with some because they just refuse to believe it, others do believe it but are determined that the common man of the human race will never know this.

What we perceive as physical reality is really nothing more than the mind using the brain to interpret frequencies and vibrations in the spiritual world. Those frequencies and vibrations are real, and as such create the appearance of a "real" physical world, and in that sense it is real, but only through interpretation. And since everyone's mind and brain works somewhat the same and somewhat differently, we have a shared reality as well as one that is not shared. That which is not shared depends on the belief systems and attitudes people have in their heart.

Those frequencies and vibrations are the result or the residue, or the function or the equivalent of a universal subconscious mind. Therefore, all frequencies and vibrations have an awareness that cannot be described. As such Lao Tzu said, "The Tao (Way - universal mind) that can be described is not the eternal Tao. But it is through the tao that all things are created and come into being. Nevertheless, the created is not the creator, not in the sense we are referring to here. Actually it is the creator, because all things exist as one and the same. The principle of oneness. But it is not in itself the creator, it is that which is created by vibration, which is ultimately thought. And when we come to understand that, truly understand it, we realize that all that really exists is thought. There is nothing else. It is thought which creates the universe as we know it. The universe as we know it is really just thought. Therefore, when we contact the I Ching, when we read, when we ask of the I Ching, we are getting in touch with this "universal subconscious mind" which knows all and sees all.

As Lao Tzu says, "Looked for, it cannot be seen, Listened for, it cannot be heard," yet it is there. We don't see the vibration itself, we see the manifestation of the vibration. Hexagram one is the vibration, the frequency, and as such corresponds to time and energy. Hexagram two is the manifestation of the vibration, and therefore is the correlation of space and form (matter). They are one and the same thing. I want people to really get what I am saying here more than anything else I have ever written, that the physical world, including the manifestation of our bodies, is nothing more than the mind interpreting thought vibrations that makes the spiritual seem physical. When we understand this, we can slowly but surely start creating our own world. There will come a time when we can start manifesting our own thoughts into the physical dimension as if it really existed. But ultimately it is all energy, and all consciousness; perfect awareness. Even we ourselves are just a form imagined into the world by the Tao. As such Lao Tzu says, "The five colors blind the eye," because we see the manifestation not the source. The I Ching, slowly, as time passes and we consult it more and more, gives us eyes into the spiritual world, that we may see how we ourselves are creating our own reality, although we are not consciously aware of it.

The commentaries on hexagrams one and two tell us that neither yin nor yang can exist without the other, and are actually only a part of the whole. But they must understand their place, and how they relate to one another. If they operate harmoniously, in conjunction with one another, there is wholeness, and completeness, and peace of mind. If they do not, we see a fractured world, and our fractured perception creates a fractured environment, and imbalance in our activities and in our path. We must understand the deeper aspects of the I Ching and not just how to do readings. Therein lies the deeper meaning which will inspire us to heights previously unheard of. First let us calm the mind, (hexagram fifty two) and out of calmness, inaction, will come the actions that are proper and bring success.

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