Monday, October 17, 2011

Electrically Charged Energy

Hexagram one line one speaks of the hidden dragon, and when the dragon is hidden we do not act. The very first line of the very first hexagram teaches us of cycles. When we get this line we understand that there is an unseen element that can upset the situation if we act. We do not have enough information to be able to make an informed choice about our actions.

But there is another aspect to the content of this line. The commentary says, "In winter this energy withdraws into the earth. in the early summer it becomes active again. The universal energy is a constant outpouring and inpouring, returning once again to its starting point. When our personal energy is within, we cannot be as effective in the outer world. But our personal energy has to cycle in and out in order to maintain balance in the overall physical and psychic body. This circling in and out is a constant thing, just as an ebb and flow of the ocean tides is cyclic. The key is to learn how to recognize it in ourselves, and begin to feel within this universal "ch'i" energy. This universal energy is connected intimately and in truth IS our own personal energy. When the energy is flowing well, we feel this energy and it enlivens us and strengthens us and gives our muscles greater tone - even more it give us a strength beyond muscular strength, which was the focus of all original asiatic martial arts - the ability to enhance the flow of chi and make oneself an "immortal chuang tzu."

So, if we continue to "practice chariot driving daily" with this universal energy, we begin to understand the cycles within our own bodies. This flow is the same as the flow of the universe, as universal "ch'i" is constantly flowing in and out from the center of the galaxies, and even more from the center of the universe and back out. It is the same thing as breathing in a universal context. The entire universe breathes, and when it breathes in the "dragon is hidden." When it breathes out, it enlivens all things. This again is a matter of involution and evolution. It corresponds with the concepts of life and death, darkness and light, inner and outer.

In order to be effective in the world we must understand that we ourselves cannot force the issue. (Hexagram thirty four). We must allow for 'timing." In this way, recognizing there is a power greater than ourselves, and humbling ourselves with this knowledge, (hexagram fifteen) we "practice chariot driving" until the time is ripe for true action. We must allow the universe to do its work for us, and then in "allowing" the universe to work through us, we recognize that the work is not ours alone, (hexagram two line three) and do not take credit for the work. "He does not seek to have credited to himself things that stand accomplished." If he does he is stealing the credit from the universe, and giving it to his own limited conscious self. The commentary goes on to say, "...but hopes to release active forces." In other words the work that he does is meant to unleash the power of the universe - a power that is greater than his own. In so doing he recognizes that the credit is not truly his, but gives credit where credit is due.

If we really want to be successful in the fullest extent in the world. If we want to accomplish something that will last, and be of unlimited value, we must be able to connect into universal circuits and ALLOW them to flow through is. They are not our own, in the limited egoistic sense, but belongs to all and everything. Luke Skywalker's teacher in "Starwars" was constantly telling Luke, "You must feel the force." When we do that we know whether it is hidden or not, and possible to be used in the way we want. When the dragon is hidden, i.e., when we cannot feel it, we cannot properly use it to our own advantage.

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