Friday, September 29, 2006

"In" Joy

I'll bet I know what most of you forgot today! That's right, I know, like I am psychic or something. Well forget that crap, but you did forget to "in" joy. That's right! You forgot to "bring in" joy. Don't tell me, I already know! You were having a fight with your spouse, the kids were screaming, the bank is threatening to repossess the house, and the IRS is putting a lean on it. But you know what? All that stuff happened because you forgot to "in" joy. No, the spouse and the kids are not going to back off, at least not yet, but as you learn to just enjoy life more, you find out much to your surprise that life is more enjoyable. It's a spiritual principle. See? There really is such a thing as a spiritual principle, and you thought I was nuts, didn't you? You still do? Well, okay, but give it a try.

Short discussion today as I get off work late on Fridays, and have to be back early Saturday morning.

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