Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I Ching for personal development

Hi everyone out there. My name is Gene. I am an admirer of the I Ching and have been studying it for probably, oh, about thirty five years, off and on. Of course, that doesn't mean classroom study, more, just, when I can, I ask of it advice.

This is primarily an I Ching study blog. Don't know if anyone out there will have any interest in it, or if anyone will even chance upon this site. But I am hoping they do and the numbers will grow, and wisdom will be dispensed. Although it is primarily an I Ching site, I encourage the discussion of related topics also, especially esoteric Christianity, not mainline.

I grew up in Boise, Idaho, at that time a small town, now as I understand, a pretty big city. I met people there that challenged my thinking processes and got me started on a different kind of spiritual path than that that parents and others taught. Here I hope we can have a journey delving into spiritual truth.

Okay, with all that being said, the next step is for me to figure out how to actually maintain a dialogue here and say what I want to say. This type of service seems very limited to me but for now I will make the best of it. So, let the journey begin.


Michelle said...

Hi Gene,

Welcome to the blogging community. Looking forward to the knowledge you will share here.

Michelle from Midaughter

gener202 said...

Hi Michelle

Still a little shaky on knowing how to add text here, but I am catching on little by little so hopefully I can get started here, soon as I decide "where" to start.