Friday, April 17, 2015

Gaining stability

Hexagram forty five line one indicates a person who is inconsistent. And when we are inconsistent in our lives then we receive inconsistent results. It is a matter so to speak of karma. Often we are inconsistent because we have not figured out who we truly are. In Carol Anthony’s books she is constantly talking about our inferiors. Here they are more likely to be called our lower self. There are many aspects of our low self and they often fight for supremacy. Some of us are far more moody than others, but pretty much everybody has swings. It is a matter of finding out who we truly are – what our real nature truly is, and then being true to ourselves. Therefore, when we call out to our Higher Self, we become more in touch with the real person inside. Coming into harmony with our real nature, our real person, our real self, can lead to a greater self- assurance and a greater harmony within. The commentary says “We should attach ourselves to this leader.” Without leadership in our lives, without Self direction, we are rudderless, and we crash upon the rocks of the shore. As the commentary in the W/B version of hexagram seventeen, line five says, “Every person must have something he or she follows – something that serves as a lodestar.” Our higher self is our lodestar. It is the higher self that guides us through life’s deepest valleys and highest peaks. When we are firmly entrenched with this leader our lives find purpose and continuity. We are no longer dashed by the waves of the sea. As Jesus calmed the storm on the sea of Galilee, so our lives become calm and peaceful.
Hexagram thirty four also has at least a secondary theme of the need for stabilization. When we come into power there is a temptation to immediately use it, but unless we are stable using that power may backfire on us. Once again we must have a firm guide, and a center or a leader around which we gather. On one level that leader is our own Higher Self. If we are not centered within ourselves, our power brings out our instability. No matter how strongly built a pyramid may be, if it is upside down, it topples.

Finally, hexagram forty six line two, teaches us how to become centered within and able to “touch the hand” of the leader, or our Higher Self. The commentary in W/B says, “Being upright in character, he meets with response.” We refine ourselves, and refine ourselves, as much as we can. Then we become a “tool for the master,” that he/she can use to correct us, give us instruction, (hexagram four) and teach who we truly are and who we were truly meant to be. 

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