Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Shemitah

Well, I have been away for too long. I, however, do not know what to write. It is not that I do not have material, it is just that I don’t know how to present it. I do not intend for this to be a religious forum, and yet, the very nature of any discussion of the I Ching, Buddhism, or esoteric Christianity creates a situation in which that aspect cannot be fully avoided.
Lately I have been very, very absorbed in the study of end-times eschatology. People have been thinking it is the end-times for centuries, and in a way, each group was right, except for any “rapture” ideas. The rapture is an idea I don’t think is totally real. (But it could be.) All the end-times prophecies, or at least most of them, came true for the Jewish world in 70 CE. The Romans squelched a rebellion brutally and the Jewish people who survived were scattered throughout the world. World Wars one and two could also be interpreted as an end-times event because most of the world was engulfed in war and millions died. One thing not understood about prophecy is that time is cyclic, it is NOT linear. Oh yeah, I know this flies in the face of obvious interpretations of time, but it is nevertheless true. Prophecy is repeatedly fulfilled. It is the nature of reality.
This time it may be a little more disastrous however. The world as we know it will not continue much longer. It is very likely that the United States will soon be destroyed, or at the very least become somewhat more insignificant in world affairs. This may be true for several nations. It may be true as well for China, Iran, Russia, and others.

I would recommend that everyone become familiar with the Jewish, (or Torahish) concept of the Shemitah. This is related to the cyclic laws of years. In other words, every seventh day is a Sabbath. Every seventh year is a yearly Sabbath. This can be also called the Shemitah. After forty nine years there is a jubilee year. The idea is that every seventh year, if the laws relating to allowing the land to rest, so that it could restore itself, and the laws relating to the forgiveness of all debts, was not followed, then disaster was to follow. (I may not have described this absolutely correctly, but I think the general idea of the Shemitah is correct.) In America, the stock market tends to fall significantly every seven years, always in the seventh month of the Jewish SACRED year, which is late September or October. Some crashes were worse than others. Most people have no way of knowing which years will be worse, but some may know, but belong to esoteric societies which keeps their knowledge secret. That we cannot know. To get to the point now, 2015 is a Shemitah year, and as best as can be surmised, 2016 is a Jubilee year. The American stock market crashed significantly in 2008, the previous Shemitah. It also crashed in 2001 right after the attack on the World Trade Center in New York. We can go back further and see a significant trend. Every seven years… Will this one be worse? Remember, the Jewish Civil, year, which starts in late September, normally, as I understand it anyway, is this year a Shemitah, and next year a Jubilee year, in which freedom was proclaimed throughout the land. As the old blessing goes, “May you live in interesting times.” We certainly do. It can be frightening, or it can be exciting, depending on your perspective, but I would suggest that people be ready for Any event.

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