Monday, February 23, 2015

Inner Truth, Stability, and Preparedness

It seems to me that hexagram sixty one explores the heart of the I Ching, or more certainly, well, everything. (For the I ching is, in a very real sense, everything.) And even though line one usually depicts a situation which precedes the meaning of the heart of the hexagram, here it gets significant quickly. Bear with me here, I know the preceding is not the best English, yet I think it works.
Bear in mind here, first of all, that as hexagram sixty one relates to the fundamental principles of attraction, (on both the physical level, and on the spiritual level, also on the electro-magnetic level), it becomes key to everything that has been discussed throughout this blog, whether the discussion is the I Ching, or some other metaphysical or spiritual principle. It is the key to understanding, well, everything. (For is we really analyze all parts of reality, we can only come to one conclusion). Everything works together in harmony with everything else.

Of course, we cannot deny that electro-magnetic attraction has a polar principle as well. In other words, things can repel as well as attract. (yin and yang) That is why not all people are attracted to all other people. However, repelling energy does not have to mean hatred, disrespect, or even negativity. It simply means that those repelled are simply not part of our life path, and there is not a correspondence of association, just as the first and third, or fifth, or sixth lines of a hexagram do not NORMALLY have a correspondence of association. And depending on the text and the nature of the hexagram, they may or may not have an antipathy toward each other, they simply don’t correspond.) The laws of correspondence in NORMAL situations is that the first and fourth lines correspond, the second and fifth, and the third and sixth. They also often have an association with the lines next to them as well, such as the second with the first or the third, or the fourth with the third or the fifth, and so on. Enough said about that.

But the Wilhelm/Baynes commentary on the first line of hexagram sixty one states, “The force of inner truth (the law of correspondence) depends chiefly on inner stability and preparedness.” Think about this statement for a moment, (And in this particular discussion please be aware that there may be more to learn here than just what the words are saying. If we correspond to inner truth, we might find something substantial that goes just beyond the words and concepts themselves.) The more we examine ourselves, the more we examine our motives, and the more we become clear within ourselves as to our real nature, the more the power of “Inner Truth” (law of correspondence) works within us to attract things and people into our lives that are beneficial to us on a higher level. The more also we become attuned, (correspond) to our own higher self and the spiritual laws that govern our life. The more likely we are to attract a life partner that corresponds with the higher functions of our inner nature. The more we are likely to attract someone that is at least close to being a soul mate than when we are not mentally and emotionally prepared to correspond with that which is best for us. The more likely we are to be attracted to a book or a video, or a website that will have information in it that prepares us even further for “inner stability” and “preparedness.” We must prepare ourselves to attract the more positive things in life.

Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, our young people are not being prepared in high school or college to meet the more mature aspects of the inner and outer world. They are spoon fed information that will help them get good jobs when they get out of school, but that will not help them mature or become more rounded individuals. They do not have “inner stability.”

Enough said for the moment, more on this later, for it is a deep subject, much like the well in hexagram forty eight. 

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