Thursday, November 10, 2011

That Which Supports Us

Hexagram fifty nine line two says, "He hurries to that which supports him." Everyone is like a ship that needs a home port. We need to find that which gives us refuge in the time of storm, and we need to feel a certain safety and security. As children we found this in our home, as babies, in our mother's arms, and as young people, in our social group. These things can only help so far though. When in times of trouble, we really need a reassurance that goes deeper and is more fathomable than that which a family or friends can give us. Ultimately, that security comes in the form of following the Tao, or the Buddha, or the Christ Child, or whatever you would like to call it. As the gospels story goes, while Jesus was asleep in the boat, the storm came, and the disciples became afraid. So they woke Jesus up to tell them of their predicament. Jesus chastises them a little bit, and then calms the storm. Jesus is a symbol or allegory, in this case, of the higher self, or the Christ Child within each of us that we can go into, become one with, and calm the storm. When we "wake up Jesus" we are entering that place of deep repose within the mind, and our fears are defeated. In this way we are "hurrying to that which supports us." The key is the mind itself. Jesus told his disciples not to look for the kingdom as far away, but it is to be found within, in the here and now. If we find the kingdom, we are in essence, in heaven, in the here and now, not after we die, because within the kingdom the Christ Child calms the storm. We are at peace, no matter what the outward conditions. The predicament we are in somehow miraculously fades away because we have "hurried to that which supports us.

Jesus said, "suffer the little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven." The little children realize they are protected by their parents, and just act innocently, and as such more readily follow the Tao. They do not worry about their food, or where there clothing comes from, they just trust that those things will be provided. There is innocence in their eyes, and as such they are enjoying the kingdom of heaven right here and now, not in some far off place after they die. The children just naturally "hurry to that which supports them." Their nature isn't fear, but trust. They just trust, and do not try to control their surroundings fearing that they must control in order to take care of themselves. They just trust. This is the key to following the tao, is to just trust, allow, and let that support be there for them. No fear. They are in the kingdom.

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