Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Over

Well, I have been a little remiss over the thanksgiving holidays; not just because of the holidays and the hyped up college football games, but also because of a lot of distractions. Right now I am watching for the vote on senate bill 1867 which will if passed, effectively end "habeas corpus in the United States. In other words, our constitutional rights will be gone. The military will have the right to arrest anyone as a potential terrorist, (yes, military, not police) and you will have no right to a lawyer, to a trial, or to be released at any time from prison. This marks the end of freedom in America. Also, many websites will be shut down, any which the Federal Government does not like or is critical of the government. There will be a vote on this bill this week. The following website will give a very brief description of the situation:

You can also do a search on sb1867 and get more information.

As such, with all that is going on in the world, I have not had time, or at least taken time to prepare another article, but I will get started again right away.

By the way, new documents by the Mayans have been found in the last few days that discuss the 2012 scenario. The future will prove to be very interesting. I am also studying the astrological effects of the Uranus - Pluto square on the U.S. and the world. The exact square is not yet, not for a while, but it is coming, and the first exact square I think will be in around six months, although I am going to have to check that out for sure. But the demonstrations, and civil disobedience the world over is very much related to the energies of these two planets. Watch for things to get much deeper into civil disobedience both in the U.S. and elsewhere as we start to see the culmination of these squares, and similar astrological scenarios. We also have a full moon eclipse on about Dec 3rd, I think, and I think this will be significant as well.

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