Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One thing I wish to make very clear here, as we study the I Ching, is that the I Ching is a living entity and not just words on a page. As such, it has an intelligence, it has a personality, and it is associated with each of you. Why? Because, the thing that comes most clear in the study of the I Ching is that there is a conscious mind, then there is a subconscious mind that is universal. On the deepest level our subconscious mind is universal, it does not belong to just one individual. Therefore, on the deepest strata or level of intelligence everyone, everywhere, knows everything, absolutely everything about every one else, and this is no possibility of in any way hiding our actions, or disguising ourselves. We can only do this consciously. The subconscious, on the deepest level is not fooled and is never fooled by anyone else's actions. If we understood this, and understood the relationship this reality has with karma, we would never knowingly hurt anyone else, or try to deceive anyone, because we are doing it to ourselves, and our actions are recorded. And they are known.

As such we see in each line, in each hexagram of the I Ching a message about the way the I Ching relates to us, and a reflection of ourselves in every page. There is no escape from this. In order to know the I Ching, we must come to know ourselves. And in order to help ourselves understand ourselves, we must come to understand the I Ching. This is a hard and fast rule, and will remain so eternally. The universe is alive. Yang is spirit and yin is matter, and they are one and the same thing. They are just a mirror reflection of each other. Matter is infused with spirit, and spirit is the essence behind the form. Spirit is the real form, the form is just the illusion.

Therefore, we see certain principles in the I Ching that are always true, not just true when we receive the line for a particular reading. As an example - in hexagram fifty one line three it is stated, "A hundred thousand times you lose your treasures and must climb the nine hills. Do not go in pursuit of them. After seven days you will get them back." When we do a reading, this would indicate that in this instance we do not have to worry, we will receive what is due us. However, in a spiritual pursuit of the true meaning of the I Ching we find this is a principle that is always true, providing we have the mind set that is taught us in the I Ching. The commentary says, "He must accept his loss of property without worrying too much about it." So we see that as the commentary on line four of hexagram twenty five says, "We cannot lose what really belongs to us, even if we throw it away. Therefore we need have no anxiety." Well, we have all lost things that were never returned to us, so it might be said, this is not true. But there is a key here, which if we follow makes it true. In hexagram fifty one it says, "He must accept... WITHOUT WORRYING too much about it." And in hexagram twenty five it says, "Therefore...NO ANXIETY." The key is we have to trust the universe. We must be perfectly calm and relaxed for it to work. If we are not, we interfere with and block the energy. There is one more key too, though, in twenty five it says, "WHAT REALLY BELONGS TO US." If it does not belong to us we don't need it anyway. And we should allow that property to go to its rightful owner. But the key is TRUST. Without trust, all is lost. If we try to force the issue, (hexagram thirty four) we are coming from a place of lack of trust...

A slight diversion here, but it is very much related. In the Book of Enoch, which for some mysterious reason, (actually not so mysterious if you know the truth about the orthodox church) was left out of the official canon, and never became a biblical book, a story is related about the judgment of the fallen angels. (The fallen angels are the fathers of the elite which exist on earth today, and are attempting to create a world wide government of complete control) Anyway, the story says the the Lord God, or the highest God, told the angels that as judgment they would reincarnate as men and would not remember who they are. The fallen angels said, "The judgment is not fair." But from God's perspective it is fair. Now, since we are all, as a corrupted race, at least partially related to the fallen angels, as offspring, we are all somewhere, on some level of our being, saying, the judgment isn't fair. When we lose something or someone, when things don't work out the way we want them too, when we hurt, our relationships are tearing apart, we lose our money, whatever it is, we are saying to God, "the judgment is not fair." It is only when we completely surrender, give up conscious control. It is only we give up, and allow the universe, the tao, to flow through us, and admit that the "judgment is fair," that we have any success in life. We must give up conscious control. We must allow, and trust. When we trust, we submit to fate, and only by submitting to fate do we have any ultimate success. When we submit to fate, we are accepting the judgment, and realizing that it is really a good thing, not a bad, though it appears very bad. In such a way our true treasures, those that belong to us, are restored. And this is a universal principle, not one that only works when we get these lines. Things that seem unfair really have a positive side to them, and all things are to our benefit, though it doesn't seem so to our conscious minds. "All things work together for good for those that...." We must be like hexagram two and yield, being receptive to the flow of spirit. Then we find that "Behold, fate is favorable."

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