Saturday, May 14, 2011

More still on hexagram fifty three

In line two of hexagram fifty three we have a sign of initial progress, with a temporary stillness, as the young person in line one takes a break. Notice here the correlation with hexagram five line five. This happens because the I Ching is more than just an oracle. It is a designator of a way of life, and there is a spiritual philosophy that emanates from its pages. Line two of hexagram fifty three says, "...Eating and drinking in peace and concord." In hexagram five line five it is said, "Waiting at meat and drink." (We should be, when we receive oracles from the I Ching, noticing the correlation with other lines and judgments in order to get a broader view of the message of the I Ching, not just for a reading but for personal growth.) There are times when we can and should do nothing. That doesn't mean nothing is happening. But we must wait for the right time to act. The commentary on line five in five says, "It is not possible to achieve everything at once." We must understand this, and allow it to reflect in our lives. There are times when the clouds seem to cover the sun, (see hexagram fifty five) and our way seems darkened. We do not know which way to go. But if we just allow ourselves to wait, the way eventually shows itself out of the darkness. (Hexagram five line six, among many.) It often seems as if we are in a pit. We stray into a gloomy valley, and all seems lost. But that is just a preparation. We cannot do everything ourselves. There is a deeper subconscious part of us that is working when we are not. It fills in the missing pieces while it seems nothing is happening. It is necessary to let go of the ego in order to allow this deeper level to do its work behind the scenes. The prototype for this line is found in hexagram two line two. (A yin line in one of the two primary hexagrams defining yin and yang.) The line says, "...without purpose, yet nothing remains unfurthered. (The second hexagram lends itself well to the functioning and nature of the subconscious mind.) And hexagram one line two says, "Dragon appearing in the field." The dragon arises from the depths of the unconscious and it does so only when it is time (hexagram one is about time, hexagram two is about space) for it to do so. It cannot be called forth by the conscious mind, but acts in its own time and on its own terms.

So... line two commentary says, "This first success, opening up a path to activity...." It is only when the dragon appears that the time is ripe. Line one of hexagram one says, "Hidden dragon, do not act." Line two says the dragon appears, and here is our opportunity. We must wait for the time to reveal itself. This is true in relationships as well. We cannot force the issue, it must happen in its own time, when the "dragon" has appeared in the field. When it does, then we can "Eat and drink in peace and concord."

And one more thing. Notice how this line relates to line two in hexagram sixty one. "A crane calling in the shade. Its young answers it. I have a good goblet. I will share it with you." This line is not correct, but it doesn't have to be in this case, because hexagram sixty one speaks of the uniting of two people who are inwardly alike. When we do what we are supposed to do, and act in a way that is in accord with the time, peace prevails, at least eventually, when the time is right, and we can renew ourselves and prepare for futures struggles.



Kelly said...

Fantastic analysis -- these posts have been very helpful. Thanks for elaborating so thoroughly!

gener202 said...

Thanks, Kelly

I was afraid I was losing people getting off the relationships subject for the time being. Some just want the day to day aspect, others want a deeper aspect. I hope to do both as time goes on.