Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Financial Armageddon

It is coming, it really is, and that is not just vain talk of conspiracy theorists. Mainstream media is talking about this. Of course, it all boils down to the budget problems in Washington D.C. but the point is it doesn't matter who wins the debate. We have gotten ourselves into a debacle. If we borrow more we will have to pay higher interest rates. If we do not, many parts of government will have to shut down.

This is far more serious than most people think. I suspect we are going to see crisis, real crisis, within one to three months. I could be wrong, but only about the date. It is coming and it has been planned. It is too hard to maintain control over billions of people if they are financially well off. That is why we have 9% or worse unemployment. That is why we have allowed ourselves to go $14 trillion into debt. We expect the government to fix all of our problems, but forget there is a cost to it. We have to fix our own problems....

And if that isn't enough, next year it is expected that the greenhouse light bulb laws will go into effect. These bulbs are very costly if broken, and cost $50 apiece. Also there is talk of a tax per mile driven in your private car. There is also pending regulation allowing the government to go into your home at any time, and check the thermometer in your house to see if you are using too much heat,(supposedly causing global warming) and they will have the right to turn the thermostat down, and possibly fine you. There is the strong likelihood of, due to the deficit problem, a serious devaluation of the dollar, and if people think they are hurting at the gas pump and the grocery store now, just wait.

On other fronts, there are serious weather problems causing flooding in the Midwest and South. This is not over yet, and is going to get much worse. You will see for yourself soon. The sun is preparing for another massive burst of solar radiation that will no doubt have an affect on earth, a serious one, if it comes directly toward us.

I am not talking about end of the world here, but our world is on the verge of very, very serious disruption. Our way of life will be forceably changed, and it would be wise for everyone to start looking for ways to protect themselves and their families in any way they can. Most people right now are still in the dark about the serious situation they and the United States are in. It is gong to hit a lot of people by surprise. But a lot of people on the financial market already know that it is armageddon time at least on the financial markets. I expect, though I do not know that there will be a major stock market crash sometime this year, probably earlier rather than later, when it becomes apparent there is no real solution to this problem. We have been asleep and have not been informed by the leaders of our nation until now.

Incidentally, this problem will soon affect the entire world.


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