Monday, May 23, 2011

Everyting is a sine wave

Since hexagram one is in one aspect about time, it is said in the Wilhelm/Baynes commentary that "Because he sees with great clarity causes and effects, he completes the six steps at the right time and mounts toward heaven on them at the right time as though on six dragons." The superior man knows that just doing something will not necessarily work if it is not done at the right time. We harvest our crops in the fall, and plant them in the springtime. All things need to be done at the right time.

There once was a time when I kept running across the concept of sine waves and on a given day at work a coworker was telling me about how information was passed through the telephone wire in the form of a sine wave. When the moon moves around the earth it does so in the form of a circle, but in aspect to its movement around the sun, it moves as a sine wave. When the earth moves about the sun it moves in circular form, but the sun too, is moving around a star in space, and the earth in relation to that star forms a sine wave. Sine waves have various frequencies and amplitudes, and the modulation of frequency in radio terms gives us FM radio, and the modulation of amplitude in radio terms gives of AM radio. The answers we get from the I Ching show us where we are on a given sine wave modulation and how we should act at that time under those circumstances. And the first hexagram on the I Ching is an encapsulated description of the various phases of a given cycle.

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