Thursday, May 19, 2011

The gateway to the I Ching

I have been talking for a while about how hexagram one and two are a prototype for everything that follows in the I Ching, and I thought I would digress shortly to talk about these two hexagrams and then get back to hexagram fifty three. Hopefully these posts will go into my I Ching in sequential order sequence also a little later, and eventually become part of a book. I noticed today in Alfred Huang's book on the I Ching that in his writeup about hexagram one and two, he calls these two hexagrams "the gateway to the I Ching." This is a somewhat different way of saying the same thing. I will go into this a little tomorrow and more in depth later. For today I will say this. The I Ching is a spiritual book which contains within its pages the method of developing spiritual power, only the surface will be available to you if you do not understand the depth of this book, and granted, that is all many people want. But the real depth is very profound, even within the context of an English translation, there is much material to be absorbed. If you do not believe this you are going to miss out on a lot, and will not be able to accept much of what I have to say. That is okay, you can still get something out of it on your own level. But understand, there is a spiritual world, and it is very real, and it is in fact one and the same as the material world, the only thing that needs to be understood is that this material world has consciousness, and therein lies the depth of its teaching. Once you grasp this, you grasp an understanding of the cosmos, until you do, you will still be freaking out over things that happen to you day to day. That being said, tomorrow I hope to begin a series more in depth than anything in the past.


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