Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Overcoming the world

There is much in sacred scriptures, Eastern and Western, that relates to the "overcoming of the world." As we become spiritual, we attain less interest in worldly matters. But perhaps there is a deeper meaning here. If we think of the world as meaning "the illusion" maya, the materialization of the "Divine Matrix," then we can understand "overcoming the world" in a whole different light. Many mystics and saints, many deeply spiritual monks, priests, and what have you, have sought refuge in temples away from the world, to complete their meditation, their yogic practices, and their transforming of the mind. And this is not wrong, but we can look at this in a deeper way. Jesus said, "Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." We can look at this without being wrong in the same sense we think of this as becoming "superior" to the world. But let's take a paradigm shift, or a perception shift and look at this as a matter of overcoming the tendency to look at the world as an object that exists outside of ourselves. Let's look at this as meaning one who no longer looks upon the world as a real entity separate from oneself, but now understands that the world is an illusion created by the mind, and can just as easily be dispelled by the mind. Such a person has overcome the world in the sense that he/she is no longer under its power and subjugation, but realizes that since he/she is one with this world, and that it is just an illusion of the mind, that the world becomes a malleable instrument through which he can communicate with the universal subconscious mind behind it, and that the world bends to his will. In essence he/she becomes a co creator, with God. He/she understands the meaning in quantum phsyics of "spooky action at a distance," because the world is not really physical, it is immaterial, and is subject to the will of the creator, and the co creator.

In the gospel of Thomas it is stated, "he that has found the world has found a corpse." The world as we know it is just that, a dead piece of material that has no intelligence, and is simply hard matter, nothing more. This is indeed a corpse. But in a different sense, finding the world is finding a corpse because it is not real. It simply appears real to us. It is Maya, it is an illusion. It is as we perceive it. Jesus said to the rulers of his day, "ye are from below, I am from above. Below is the world, the illusion that we believe to be real. He was from above; he operated from a set of principles that recognized the unreality of the physical dimension. He was above the world in the sense that he did not operate from Newtonian scientific principles, but from Quantum principles, the metaphysical reality that no one really yet understands. The world is truly subject to our will, if we really understand the principles behind it. Can we overcome the world? Can we say like Jesus, "I and my father our one." The father is that divine matrix, from which we all are born, and from which we all return. Both the organic and the inorganic, all part of that divine matrix.

Hexagram seventeen speaks to us of conforming. But what do we conform to? The essence of the hexagram is a matter of recognizing what is right and following it. The secret is recognizing what is right. When we see with a higher vision, (hexagram 20) we understand better what is right. We also gain a deeper understanding of the principles of life, of the matrix. In another sense, hexagram seventeen gives us another view of our relationship with the Sage, with the I Ching, with the Christ, with the Buddha, with the Tao. For we must conform to the divine father/mother's will. This is our proper attitude toward the I Ching, is that of a student willingly following a proven correct teacher; a master. We must know how to adapt to the yardstick that is set before us, adapting to the time, to the way, to the teacher. In so doing, the standard changes, (line one). When we have a "second birth, a spiritual birth, the standard of our perception changes to an understanding that the world is merely an illusion. Are we willing to be "born again?" Are we willing to change our perspective, and see the world for what it is, a dead corpse?

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