Thursday, December 07, 2006

Inner truth

At one time I had a very significant write up on hexagram sixty one which I intended to submit to the group at, and excellent website for material by the way, but I never submitted it. And could I ever find it again or reproduce it? Probably not. Often ideas come to intuitively, but I ever do something with them, or eventually they will be lost. I hope, however, to produce something approaching the depth of what I had written then, although it will certainly come up somewhat short. At the same time, some of my work, although not what I had originally intended for onlineclarity on hexagram sixty one, is stimulated or edged upon, influenced by, the work of Carol Anthony. It is only the impetus though, and not the totality of her work that has influenced me. Often her meanings of the lines leaves me somewhat cold, not that they aren’t correct, they are simply correct for her and not for me. Also, since this is my website, and not hers, I must be careful to no more than quote her when appropriate, so as not to plagiarize her work. She does have a few things to say about hexagram sixty one that I like, so I quote, “Pigs and fishes is a metaphor for the totally of our physical senses.” We must make something clear here. The I Ching is concerned about that which goes beyond mere physical senses, into the realm of the unseen. It is this unseen where inner truth lies, And in the final analysis, this inner truth is concerned with the reality that the physical is only an illusion created on the spiritual plane.

Here is something that just now dawned on me, and I am not proud that it took so long to realize this deep truth, and it is a sudden and intuitive aha. This is not Carol Anthony’s work, unless it exists somewhere in her work that I haven’t read yet, but the sudden revelation is this, one possible meaning of “crossing the great water,” is going from the physical to the spiritual. We must take a leap, one could call it a leap of faith, but it is an intuitive yet rational leap of faith that takes us to the other shore. We must, so to speak, enter into the “kingdom of heaven.” The kingdom of heaven is a metaphor for taking that quantum leap into an understanding that life is what we make it. It is what we make it in the sense that our beliefs about the nature of reality actually create the reality we experience. Don’t think so? Take another look at quantum physics, and what the physicists are coming to realize about the nature of reality. So we take a quantum leap from “pigs and fishes” to “inner truth.” Quoting again from Carol Anthony, because I think this is very appropriate, “…decisions made on the external appearance of a situation create a long chain of negative consequences that include continuing conflict, entanglements, injustices, and a litany of further misunderstandings.” When we judge merely from the external appearance of a matter, we are not judging from a standpoint of “inner truth.” Nor are we seeing the whole picture because the “spiritual” side of it, in other words, the nonphysical plane, is ruled out. In regards to this matter, in one sense, the conscious mind can be compared to pigs and fishes because it sees only the rational side of occurrences. Inner truth comes from the unconscious, from the deeper strata of our being that we do not see, recognize normally, or feel. It is there but we lack conscious awareness of it.

The very first line of the Wilhelm Baynes commentary on hexagram sixty one carries on this theme. “The wind blows over the lake and stirs the surface of the water. Thus visible effects of the invisible manifest themselves.” It is, or should be, a truism that the physical world is simply, nothing less, nothing more, than a mirror image of the spiritual world. By spiritual, I mean in essence, a higher dimensional, or as Richard Hoagland says, hyperdimensional, aspect of the physical. See And you do have to put the www in there. But I call attention to this website because Richard Hoagland has a very interesting, and impressive, theory of hyperdimensional physics. Anyway, moving along, we see how the water, visible, is stirred by the wind, invisible. The same can be said for the superior man in understanding, and contemplating, the minds of men, for there is a dimension of mind there, beyond the conscious that exerts influence on others. We will get into that more upon discussing the lines. More on this later.

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