Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Illusion

You have to understand, it matters not, whether a hard nosed scientist, or a religious fanatic, or a delusional fool, they are all under a hypnotic trance created by the illusion of a created universe. I will say this, that though it is an illusion, it is a very real illusion, and if you jump off a building, that illusion will kill you, (which actually is an illusion in itself.) The illusion is created by God, (for want of a better word,) in his/her state of rest, creating movement. Movement imposes two limits, the limit of space, and the limit of time, for without space there can be no movement, where would the movement go? Likewise, without time, there can be no movement, it takes time to go from one place to another. So immediately a duality is imposed, the duality of rest versus movement, and the duality of space versus time. Within movement, there is a vibration. Movement is, in effect, a vibration. Once something is no longer at rest, it is vibrating. Things can vibrate at different rates, they can vibrate at different amplitudes, or different frequencies, or a combination of the two, and in so doing, various vibrations create various wave forms, which, in the process of coming together, create a material world. The thought that creates the vibration also creates the impetus for a collapse of the wave function into a material reality. In that sense, the world is real, but in another sense, it is only an illusion because all parts of that material reality are made of the same mind stuff. Therefore, all of us, droplets though we may be, in an infinite ocean, are ultimately that ocean, and it is all one. It is all from the same source, the source being God, or the one creator, or the one whom it is said, “And the word because flesh, (physical) and dwelt among us.” It is also said, “He was in the world, (had sacrificed himself to the material plane, the symbolic meaning of Jesus on the cross) and the world knew him not.” The world does not recognize the source behind material substance. It blindly and foolishly thinks that any consciousness is a result of the play of physical forces, putting the cart before the horse, rather than realizing and accepting that the material world is the result of consciousness. “I am in the Father, and the Father in me.” The Father is in the world, the thought that creates the world, and the world is in the Father, the cosmic Son of the Father, having been created by him. This concept is crucial to a deeper understanding of the I Ching, and indeed, all Eastern religion, or cosmology, as well as crucial to a metaphysical interpretation of Western religious documents.

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