Friday, December 15, 2006

A bit more on hexagram nineteen line one

Note the text says "greathearted approach." Here the teachings of the Sage are given in an atmosphere of love. For the Sage is not receiving from us as much as we receive from him. It is that the Sage is to a certain extent being imposed upon, but rather than rebel, or show resentment, the Sage goodheartedly and willingly imparts of his knowledge that the world may prosper. The most we can do for the Sage in this context is show our respect and gratitude, which is not a real consolation. This is why hexagram four is given to show us our relationship to the Sage. It is one of earnestly seeking out, and imposing on him in a matter of utmost respect, for it is he that is giving to us. And in line two of hexagram four it is said that the Sage, "bears with the unprocessed in kindliness." It is the burden of the Sage that his children be taught the "kingd21om of heaven." But a burden that he gladly bears as long as he knows that it is going to produce fruit. And the commentary in hexagram four line five says, "... devoid of arrogance, who subordinates himself to his teacher will certainly be helped." In hexagram twenty, line four, the commenary says, "This describes a man who understands the secrets by which the kingdom is to flourish...should be honored, and allowed to act independently, and should not be used as a tool." It is the Sage, the I Ching, the Christ, the Buddha, who gives us the keys to "the kingdom of heaven." How much honor and adoration should we give him? Or better yet, accept his teachings gladly, mastical upon them, (hexagram 27) Bite through to them, (hexagram 21), and contemplate them, (hexagram 20) and I could go on, but time is short.

I have kind of gotten away from what I think was my original thesis in all my writings, that in every page, every text, the I Ching is talking about itself, but there will be much more written about this in time.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gene,

"that in every page, every text, the I Ching is talking about itself, "

This is VERY intrigiing.

Will love to read your thinking about this, when it is time.